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Xbox 360: More On 3 Red Lights

This is sort of a follow-up to my last post regarding the 3 red lights on the ring of light. I called Microsoft’s Xbox support line and was on the phone with a guy named Colin for about an hour. I kept telling him that I would just like to send my console in for repair, but as expected, we had to go through the whole troubleshooting exercise.

First off, a week previous to calling support, I had gotten the 3 red lights every time I turned my Xbox 360 on. Then, once I was speaking with Colin, I turned it on and the red lights were gone. However, the Xbox 360 froze almost immediately. Colin then directed me to remove the hard drive. I removed the drive, powered on and the 360 came up, but only for a few minutes. It soon froze again. That got Colin thinking the root of all my problems was the hard drive. Not quite…

Anyway, Colin had me put the hard drive back on and to my amazement, my Xbox 360 powered up without issue. I proceeded to play Gears of War for a little bit until it froze again. Colin told me to pull the power cord and to let the Xbox 360 sit for about 1 minute. I did so, turned the Xbox 360 back on, and my problems appeared to be gone. At that point, I was playing Gears of War while speaking with Colin, and had been playing with no issues for about 10 minutes. So, instead of sitting on the phone forever Colin and I determined the problem was fixed.

I continued playing Gears of War for around 3 hours after I got off the phone with Colin, until it froze. After 3 hours of play or so, the thing just froze. Since then, I have been getting the 3 red lights on the ring of light non-stop. So, I’m basically back in the same boat I was before I called support.

Luckily, Colin gave me a reference number in case anything went wrong. So, I will be calling support back tomorrow to see if they have any other suggestions. If they don’t, hopefully they’ll suggest that I send my console in for repair.

I just don’t understand why the thing was working while I was on the phone with support but refused to boot pretty much any other time. I know it’s not a power supply issue because my power supply light is green whenever the Xbox 360 is turned on, even if the 3 red lights are flashing. And when the Xbox 360 is turned off, the power supply light is amber, as it should be.

So, I’m kinda at a loss as to what’s going on exactly. It seems that the smallest updates have the ability to bring an Xbox 360 to its knees. Like I said before, my Xbox 360 was working great until an update for Halo 2 was downloaded and applied. It was a small update, took about 2 seconds to download the entire update.

I will post more information as I get it.

Well, now what?

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  • Gamer Insider

    My friend, I have been having the same issue. I hadn’t played my XBOX for about a week. Turned it on tonight to be greeted with the same flashing 3 red lights.

    I unplugged everything (per the troubleshooting steps online)…I work in the IT industry, so I know not to mess with things when it is under warranty…I am shipping mine in to be fixed.

  • same thing happened to me after getting an update for halo 2.

  • themanwho

    Same thing with mine after an update for Oblivion

  • Applying any sort of update seems to be quite dangerous. Really unfortunate.

  • Martin

    same thing happened when updating fifa2007

  • Darius

    Yeah, me too with FIFA 07, I was playing it and then it froze and now I get the 3 red lights all the time

  • dennis

    hey guys am dennis….i had the 3 deadly red lights…after i updated the console with 2 weeks….is it really about the updates….i mean do they do harm for our 360’s ?????
    i wish thats th problem then we all will avoid it….at least after we get our new consoles…b4 its too late…

  • paul

    hey guys. i had my 360 fixed, actually still waiting for it. these updates are B.S. i updated my need for speed carbon, next morning 3 red lights were smiling at me. iritating. period.

  • i havnt even updated anything and im getting the three red lights. so i dont no what 2 do

  • I have the same issue and the error code is 0020 which is ‘unknown’. Could it be possible that MS is causing these issues via the updates just to make a little cash on the back end? I hate to sound like a conspiracy freak but I cannot get them to take my machine since my warranty went out just over ONE MONTH ago!? How convenient.

  • Adam

    I hear ya all. I got the 3 red light as well. This really blows since I have had to go through 2 boxes already, not counting this one. If by chance it decides to work again I’m going to try to reset to factory settings….wonder if that will help?

  • jr

    well i dont have any ringz of light but my shit froze if i do get da lightz im kickin microsofts azzz

  • HAWK

    My peice of shit got the 3 red lights soon as i turned it on today after college and when i actually get the xbox 360 appear on the screen or the game to appear it jams and my screen is screwed just a bit aswell…worst thing is i only found out about the red lights like 2 hours ago by my mate all this shit happends to me how unfortunate, if it keeps happenin ill bounce the heap of shit off the wall.

  • Marcus

    Hey guys….
    I’ve had my 360 for almost 3 months now,I got NFS Carbon, did the update, it worked fine for 2 months and a half, then, my games started to freeze, no matter what games I played, then, yesterday I got the 3 damn flashing red lights. I’ve done research in several forums and I see it’s either a Hardware or overheating issue, I inmediately called the store i got it from and the guy told me it was a known overheating issue by his technicians, he told me that the console would need to be opened and get it fixed somehow, I will ask him what is it they do the machines to fix them and I will post it so you can do the same thing.

    Im from Costa Rica

  • Michael


    I’ve had my 360 since launch day, and it was working great for a year. Then I got the 3 red rings of light and it really pissed me off. I couldn’t get the thing to work at all for a month. Then one day, I just turned it on and it started to play just fine. It’s been working for a few weeks now. So I have no idea what the hell was wrong with it. Maybe it’s overheating issues? I really don’t know and I hope it continues to work, but I doubt it.

  • brad

    i bought crackdown today and was really excited to go play it. i got on and downloaded the updates and it was fine for a good 3 hours odd and the piece of shit showed me three red rings. WTF. i heard it maybe because a wire solder cools and weakens so wrap your 360 in a towel an dleave it on for 10 mins. Then turn it off for 5 and then it works fine. Maybe restorin to factory defaults would help???

  • Brad: You might find my post on the “towel trick” interesting. It supposedly heats up the solder traces enough that they’ll make a good connection again. But, there’s also a good chance you’ll toast some other part in your Xbox 360.

    Try taking the hard drive off and playing Crackdown. If it works without the hard drive, then your hard drive is most likely the root of your problems.

  • Josh

    I had this happen to me in Fight Night Round 3 just as I selected PLAY NOW to fight whip my brother-in-law in some 2 player action. Not a THING to do with updates, gentlemen. I went through all the troubleshooting steps on the microsoft troubleshooting website. Good info here, so thanks to all who posted. I finally called 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269) and went through a helpful voice activated computer assistant who walked me through the unplug, remove hard drive, plug in and try again (my 3 red lights still blinking now whenever I turn it on). After going through the menu on the phone (about 7-10 mins) I talked to a foreign rep named Louis, who first: registered my console, gave me a reference number, gave me an address (in McAllen, TX.) to ship my crippled console to (in different than original packaging), and i’ll get my console in about 2-3 weeks (they ship and fix it back to my front door at their own cost), FIXED and FREE of charge other than my own cost to pack and pay shipping to get it there.

    So unless your console is stolen, there’s your answer. Thanks for all the info to get me there.

  • keith

    hows it goin guys..console froze up wednesday night,first it was a black screen turned it off back on again played for about 10 minutes,then i got a checker grey pattern then a green one,then i got the 3 red lights,i tried talking about it on but just got nothing but idiots giving me shit,watever has happend since the jan 9 update somthings gone terribly wrong,it seems after the update, whenever u update a game the problems start,i updated cod3 and then i got my first freeze plating battle field 2 the next day,this is my second 360 too.

  • Keith: I’ve witnessed the checkered gray pattern a few times myself, never seen the green one though. I’ve had a red one come up a few times.

    The forums at suck. People there won’t come down off their high horses, most of them anyway.

    If you haven’t called Microsoft already, you should call them, they have pretty awesome support. If support can’t help you fix your Xbox 360 you may have to send it in for repair.

    Let me know how it turns out.

  • TopContender

    My system was doing fine until I started playing GOW. I got to the underground area and Boom the sucker locked up. I retried multiple times, and still it locked up. Then I popped in PGR3 and it locked up a few times!

    Update: After spending 3 hours on the phone with tech support, and doing everythinng including reformatting the HD where I lost all of my saved games the thing still locks up.

    I call tech support and speak to a manager he tell me that the 360 is out of warranty and that they need $139.00 to fix it. I complain and tell him that it is some required download that they sent me that killed my system and he still tells me that I have to pay the money. After about 5 min of talking the guy says that he can give me a 50% discount off the $139.00. On top of that he wouldn’t even forward me to a customer service rep that would let me file a complaint on him for talking down at me.

    For the life of me I still don’t understand why I have to pay for something that was Microsoft’s fault.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to completely whipe the HD and start fresh?

  • Frozenwave

    TRY cleaning OR removing your intercooler if u have one. I was having all of these same probs, removed my intercooler, now everything’s fine.

  • I’m getting ready to head over to FedEx and send my 360 to the Repair Center to MOST LIKELY get a refurbished one. If the refurbished one is messed up then I’m going to ask for a refund, go to a GameStop, and purchase the Core package and trade in the wired controller.

  • Mark

    I have the same problem!

    I went to an xbox party. nothing wrong played for 10 minutes, and after 10 minutes it kinda froze. so it took all my cable’s of according to the book that was stuck in my head ( i had problem with the orignal xbox before) restarted it, and ofcourse deadly shock it doesnt work red lights flash towards me.

    I just thought i was the power in that house cuz it was an old house. but once i got home i hooked it up, start it, stayed on the dashboard hoping nothing would happen but once agian it froze.

    Now what i wanna know from you guys.. if you did have to pay anyting?
    I saw that some people got discount and even someone got it fixed for free. i was hoping that i can get that 2 !

  • Eddie

    My console is from the original release. It was great until it downloaded an update. It then died. As it is over a year old, I have to pay for them to give me a refurbished unit.

    Think about this for a minute… The console downloads a faulty update from Microshaft. The update kills my console. Now I have to pay Microshaft to give me a refurbished unit.

    Is it just me or is there something really wrong with this picture??

  • Mark

    you should have opened your case!
    my litle brother took of the case everything including the thing on top of the GPU heated that up twice for 2.5 min and let dry for 45 min and its works agian:)

  • Mark

    And i would defently talk to MS about this fuck up :p

  • Rob

    so i take it there is no factory reset code?

    i had a 360 with an altered dvd drive and it worked fine for about a year, and ironically after playing an original football manager 2006 game offline the 360 stated flashing 3 red lights at me!!!

    any clues?

  • That’s a good one Rob. There’s no factory reset that I’m aware of, too bad. You might want to check out the Towel Trick, many users have had good luck with it. Let me know if you end up figuring anything out.

  • Tate

    i got that same problem today, and i aint waste no time and called them peeps and they gave me a ref number so in 2weeks a guy is going to come, and i’ma send it back so since i am still in warranty i get it repaired for free.

  • so in 2weeks a guy is going to come

    Tate: Does that mean Microsoft is sending a tech out to your place to work on the Xbox 360? If so, awesome, and I didn’t realize Microsoft would do that.

  • Tate

    well actually in 5days then it gets fixed in 2weeks. dats what they told me

  • Thanks Tate!! This must be something relatively new then, because as far as I knew, the only physical support Microsoft would provide is that done at their facility. But I could be wrong.

    However, if they are indeed sending techs out to make house-calls, good for Microsoft. With all the problems people are having with their Xbox 360’s, I’d say it’s about damn time Microsoft puts together an army ready to go make house-calls.

    Tate, I’d love to hear how the visit from the tech goes. Do you know if he’s planning on repairing your Xbox 360 at your location or does he already have plans to take it to a service center or something?

    Either way, could you keep me updated? You can either comment here, use the contact form, or email me: tlongren at gmail dot com.

    Thanks for the info Tate!

  • Yue Ying

    Yeah, I was playing Samurai Warriors 2 and I got a green screen. Now when I turn it on it wont work…damn 3 rings lol.

  • Tate

    lol, no a guy from ubs is gone come and collect it they said and it will take him max 5days to get hear. and it goes to Microsoft and gets repaired and sent bk to me in 2weeks, still lookin for a blank box to put the xbox in coz cant use the xbox one someone might steal it

  • Eddie

    As yours is still under warranty, they are sending you a coffin. This is a box and packing with a UPS shipping lable already on it.

    Once yours gets there, they will send you a refurbished unit that is on the shelf.

  • Tate

    okay kl thanks Eddie, the guy came today but i had not put my xbox in a box since i had not found one but he left me the labels and i got a box now so gone call em 2mo n get my xbox workin soon as i can. most people say the way to prevent this is to have like a fan near yo xbox so it dnt overheat

  • Eddie

    The problem can be caused by overheating; however, that is one of many causes. Mine died because of a bad Microshaft patch for a new game. Others have had problems with bad solder joints.

  • nicola

    my boyfriends just did it whilst using crackdown for the 1st time he was downloading and it got to 93% and it keeled over i think, what a load of crap,

  • hixxy

    It happend to me this morning yep 3 red light’s and not 1 stripper in site just my poor 360 flashing it’s led’ a game for a while then it freeze’ waiting for my label at the mo lol to wack on me parcel so i get lovely ups come and pick it up for free.when they said it comes in 3’s this was not what i was exspecting lol.what ever is going on with this machine at the moment i dont know but after reading so many peeps having the same probs i cant say its good and that for so many of the same things to happen there must be a form of fault in the system?I had my old xbox system 3 years and never had no probs with it at all.iv had my 360 7 months and hello customer support.consoles may be getting more powerfull but they are certainly not built for longactivity like they were use the system,s are a form of pc i expectd them to last a bit better obviously not.that’s the end of my bible im off to the pub for 3 red stripes lol.

  • parker

    wow!!! all i can rother in law just got a 360 6 mos ago and it stoped reading disks. he misplaced his recieptso a few weeks later he whent out and got a new one. after 4 months with this new 360 he got the 3 rings of death!!!! game would freeze or not even power up just wink 3 red lights at him. we called the tech ppl. we were told to send it to them via anyone we wanted but not to wright x boxon it. we dident wait for any lables or empty boxs. i took both units to staples to send them to mcalen tx where the service center is. it ran me $38.96 to ship them. now it was 20 to accualy ship but the rest was 3.5$ per box (2) and 5$ to pack 1 box so 10$ total. i never owned an x box im a playstation type of guy. my bro in law is going to give me one of the “fixed” x boxs. ill gladly take it but i wont change my stance as a playstation fan. by the way i havent heard of any problems with the ps3 like the 360 its looking better and better to me everyday.and i heard x box wasent makeing anymore 360s because well as you can tell there all crap boxs

  • tony couzins

    same thing has happened with mine. its been 3 days since it has worked

  • parker

    well hears some good news and some not so good news. were geting the 2 xboxs returned to us!!! thay got them on saturday the 18th and we should have them on the 21st so tomorrow!!! thats the good part fast service!!! now the so called fixed x box will most likely not be the ones we sent in. but a referbished one. i guess this is how it works. good luck to all who get theres fixed.

  • Damon

    I purchased my Xbox 360 in February 2006. Of recent, I had not played my 360 in over two weeks. I decided to play Gears of War over the weekend and once i inserted…it required me to install an update. Once the update began, it froze. I restarted my 360 and bang….3 Red Lights. I do not have an extended warranty and did nothing to cause this problem. I called customer service and that made my problem even worse. They made it seem as if this was an abnormal problem adn they rarely get calls of this nature. Bunch of shit.

  • Ted

    Yep me 2… got the ring of death… quadrants 1,3, and 4… did the towel trick… and it worked for about 2 days… then eveything.. 360 games and original zbox games started to freeze… i figured I’d just use it as a dvd player till I figure out something… the dashboard started to freeze… rebooted.. bam… ring o death… tried the towel trick again.. no love…

  • brode

    love my 360,no probs in 6 months,updated fine every time,tried playing graw2 today,screen went grey first then black checks,turned it off twice then 3rd time bam,3 fuckin red lights!seems to choose itself to whether i get 3 lights or some dodgy tartan screen saver over my paused game,gonna try whatever i can,fuck those 3 red lights,fuck em up their stupid asses!

  • all u idiots..unplug it for about a minute and put it back on

  • Eddie

    I think that maybe you (ryan) are the idiot. If you don’t figure out that step on your own, it is one of the first things that the X-xbox reps have you do. Actually, they have you disconnect the power supply and then all other devices. After a minute, they have you reconnect the power supply and turn it back on.

    Do you know what happens next ryan?? You get the 3 red lights.

    Pull your head out of your butt and think, before you call ANYONE an idiot!

  • Ted

    Yeah…. we have all gone through the unplug everything… wait 5 – 10 minutes.. plug it back in… still red lights… not to mention I should’nt have to unplug or plug in anything to get it to work correctly that I paid 400 some bucks for… and since you’re handing out the “idiot” title….. did you read the other 20 or so posts that said they tried unplugging everything? no… didn’t think so.. idiot…

  • yolaba

    Hello everyone, I don’t have that system but today I found that guy that says he will fix any system (360) for FREE!! Check it out on ebay. Hope it helps some of you. Good luck.”″

  • Frozenwave

    has anyone had any luck with removing or cleaning your intercooler connections if u have one? also, if the main power plug is not clean, or properly aligned, u could get the red lights. lemme know. worked for me.

  • parker

    ya know i just got an xbox. if you read my first posts. i just have to smile and say man its so freaking gay. what i mean is i got a red dead rev. game for xbox(reg) and i got a 360. what is totaly lame ass is i cant play it!!!! why is that do u ask. because i havent got the hard drive yet. thats just very very lame to have to be forced to get a hdd to play regular xbox games. my ps2 i can play ps1 games and i dont need a freakin hdd.(though i have one). and i seen xbox is makeing a 360 with a biger hdd and the hd dvd add on witch if you get this xbox and the hd dvd addon youll end up paying more then a blue ray ps3 (ruffly 75$ more). just a heads up if you are thinking about geting much more gay can micrsoft be 1st there 360s all go to shit then thay make you buy things if you want other stuff to work. LAME LAME LAME im just glad i dident spend anymoney for one.

  • why Microsoft why???

    this just happened to me after play gears of war and i haven’t played my 360 in a month and while playing gears everyone was getting disconnected so i thing it has something to do with Gear of war,


  • Is it time to boycot Microscrew-u

    Well I have had pretty good luck over the years fixing the older ps2’s and making good $ reselling them. There seems to be alot of broken 360’s on Ebay and locally. Well if people would stop buying them and giving MS the upperhand , here’s my money , love the junk… they give warrantys for a reason. Then maybe they’ll revise there software again, no more unknown updates, the older systems had games you buy and then play,,, no problems unless you messed up the disk, There was no update for early consoles, right? I have heard a rumor that sometime in April there will be a new 360, something about the color of the console and some better software upgrades. Wonder if the rumor is true or did Microsoft realize they had to do something. Has anyone else heard that about a new release on the 360? I just bought my first 360 in Feb. , only to play with guys from work online,, NO problems yet but I have not had it or played it much. I was interested in buying them and came across this forum trying to see what solutions were being done for the 3-lights. I guess I won’t make any money refurb. 360’s, xbox’s,,,, reselling ps2’s is the way to go! If my 360 goes bad I will take pics of me dragging it behind my truck then forward pic to microsoft. LOL , I’ll feel better.

  • am from nigeria.
    i do not kwon how to stop xbox360 3 red light

  • Jim

    If anyone is currently filing a complaint on Microsoft about this problem, please let me in on it! My 3 lights started flashing today. I am trying the towel trick as we speak because Microsoft will not fix it unless we pay. If everyone is having this problem, obviously there is a malfunction with these systems!

  • Mark

    ok.. i can explain why its happening. it is because your xbox is either standing on a carpet or something smooth. when its standing on something smooth the bottom doesnt ciruclate the air. This will result in your GPU loosing its artic silver and not getting cooled enough anymore..

    When you do not have warranty anymore do this.
    1. Open you 360 case
    2. Get a heating gun
    3. Heat up the GPU for 2.5 minutes twice. ( after the first time wait ten minutes.
    4. let it dry for 45 min ( if it doesnt work now follow the following steps)
    5. Buy artic silver
    6. Put the artic silver on the gpu chips, just a grainy bit not a shitload.
    7. put the cooler etc back on.
    8. Start your 360 let it run for 5 min even with red light and high running vans..
    8 wait 5 min and now it should make ALOT less van noise and should work properly.

    PS: There are picture’s and tuturials how to do this!

  • Eddie

    That only works if it is a GPU heat related issue. If that doesn’t fix the problem, there is a hgih chance that microshaft will not replace your unit as the seal has been broken.

    I like many others had a pad software patch load into my system and that is what crashed it. Bad software patches are not GPU heat related.


  • I know how ya feel guy. Sometimes those are the only words you can use to describe your feelings towards Microsoft. 🙂

  • Unreal Geek

    I think xbox 360 is just coming out with all of the virus updates b/c they want people to buy the new Xbox Elite for 470 dollars. F’N money hungry bitches!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cody

    Yeah same thing happended to me i didnt play it for like a week and i went to turn it on and i saw the 3 flashing red lights and there was nothing on the tv screen so i thought it was my tv so i brought it down to my other tv and then it did the same thing and i thought it might be the av cord so i pulled it out and it worked and then i played nba street homecourt and it froze a minute later so i called the xbox help line and they told me my warrenty was up so i had to pay $140 to get it fixed. So now i have no idea what to do and the guy at gamestop told me it is better off to get a new one. So idk

  • Eddie

    The choice is yours to make. $140 to have yours replaced with a refurbished unit or $400 to buy a new unit.

    I honestly had a hard time convincing myslef to pay $140 to have mine replaced. There was no way that I was going to buy another new one for $400.

  • Norwegian

    I think that all your paying for in the Elite system is the bigger hard drive. I see no point whatsoever for getting a whole new system to accomadate that. It does look nice tho. So I’m guessing the the Elite system is in itself the Zephyr too?

  • Norwegian: The hard drive is a big draw, but even bigger for many people is the addition of full HDMI support. Unfortunately, many people don’t have HD (like myself), and couldn’t make use of HDMI even if they wanted to.

  • Powassan

    My 360 just messed up. I was playing saints row and it froze with red checkers all over the screen. Now it does it it with any game. This is the second 360 of mine that has bit the dust. The first one I got brand new outta box the HD was fubared on it.

  • RUTH


  • Drew

    LOL! Sign me up for this too. My first 360 froze constantly every 5 minutes but I never got the RLOD. They sent me a refurb that I should have sent back immediately, but decided to give it a chance.
    The second game I ever put in it told me “to play this game, put it in an XBOX 360.” It sometimes took me 20 minutes to get it to recognize the game was not a DVD.
    However, as time went on it actually started to do it less frequently, and it got to a point where I thought it was almost completely gone. UNTIL this morning, Easter day, my XBOX 360 let me play around the same exact time of Madden that my old one did, and froze while making a weird beep noise.
    “OMG”. I took the game out, and it’s destroyed, with a giant ring around it. “OMFG,” this time. I turned it off, and turned it back on, only to see 3 red lights.
    I went through the troubleshooting tips of turning it off, unplugging it from the wall, taking off the HDD, plugging it back in, and powering it back on. It worked for maybe 3 minutes, froze up again, and now I just get them constantly, no matter what I do (power supply is fine).
    Man, I’m getting tired of MS, and this ridiculous XBOX 360. It’s a shame too, because my original XBOX still works perfectly, aside from the game tray sticking in if I don’t leave a game in there. Although, that’s really my fault, for putting a rented game with something sticky on top of it in the drive. Like from where someone removed a sticker, but didn’t do a very good job.
    I’ve had that thing for 5 years, AND I use it as a DVD player. I can’t get through ONE month of the XBOX 360 without something going wrong, and I use it only for gaming.

  • Microsoftusmelllikepoo

    i hate updates i updated graw and then i got the flashing lights

  • Microsoftusmelllikepoo I’m scared to death of updates now. I’d really like to download the new updates for Gears of War to my newly repaired Xbox 360. I’m worried the update will cause some other problems, I really don’t trust these updates anymore.

    Really though, I think updates to the Xbox 360 dashboard are most dangerous. Hopefully the upcoming dashboard update won’t break everything.

  • parker

    i found out there a fan you can buy for the 360 it runs around 15-30 dollars depending on the one you get. it reduces the temp in the x box by ruffly 10-15 degrees. so id say after you get the x box fixed invest in one of these. e-bays got a bunch e b games and game stop do also.also if you get the red lights and dont know what to do. one thing DO NOT OPEN THE X BOX THIS WILL NEGATED THE WARRENTY AND YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY TO GET IT FIXED!!!!!! all you do is call x box the number is in the booklett for the x box thay will tell you to take off the face plate and remove the hdd if you have one. then thay will ask you to pack it up and send it to them in texas. as long as the seal is not damaed ripped cracked or messed with. it should be free. now i hope your not to attached to your x box because when you send it to them. you most likely will get someone elses messed up one thay sent in to get fixed.or what is called a refurbished one. but anyways after thay fix it i would really really invest in the cooling fan system.

  • Frozenwave

    parker. good point but be weary, as my inter cooler caused MY red lights, but may fox someone elses. good luck.

  • Frozenwave


  • Jose

    AY what up my Xbox 360 freaks……mine was just the same with the 3RL after just having it for at no less than 3 weeks….which is crazy and crappy…I kept gettin the frozen screen and black screen and then green screen? lol….anyways then i got the 3RL and the console wouldn’t bother turn on…so I let it rest…and it started working…only for a few mins…It froze just when i was about to complete the checkpoint in GOW where there at the underground pumping factory…on INSANE!! >_

  • Jose
  • Jose

    lmao …to wrap it up..i called MS and MAX the voice helped me through some troubleshooting….(didn’t work)..then this girl named Kat or Kathy…something like that….immediately pointed out that it was a console malfunction…I liked her…she wasn’t beatin around the bush for MS which I was expecting a MS rep. to do….so I sent my 360 and it got to the repair center…am expecting it in bout a week to play…hope this is the last time I have to send it in for repairs…doubt it… ^_^

  • Eddie

    For that short of time, I would take it back where I bought and ask for an exchange. That is better than waiting for Microshaft to get you shipping lables, sending it in and waiting for a refurbished unit to come back.

  • Jose

    Yeah….I guess you’re right bout that….didn’t think of it…but i sent it so…..i guess it’s too late lol…..^_^

  • Drew

    Oh dude, that sucks. Now you’re stuck in the ridiculous cycle with the rest of us, getting boxes that work for no more than a month. The refurbs are terrible. I, personally, know people on their seventh. I’m going to be on my third in four months. Good luck though. =)

  • Jose

    D’OH!! >_

  • Drew

    Heh, sorry man. Maybe, hopefully, you will get lucky? Let us know. 😉 I think that you will be getting tired of the 3 RLOD very soon though.

  • philneedshelp

    to all how are having problems i am now on my 10th 360 it happend agen to day with guiter heros 2
    if you whant a console that dose not go rong get your self a ps3 as i have had a jp one ond now a uk one and had no problems with it at all

  • Frozenwave

    this rules! now all my games say “unplayable disc” no matter how clean or new they are. the cd wont spin. tried all kinds of things. ya know, i really enjoyed my xbox while it lasted (5 months) but FUCK THIS CONSOLE. i shall invest NO MORE money in it.

  • Greg Spiropulos

    I downloaded last update on Gears of War and it shut my system down with three flashing red lights when booted back up. Sweet!

    It is one month out of warranty. I called MS and told them what happend, their replay is you can get it fix for $139.00. They say it wasn’t the update it just happend to be some hardware glitch at that time; whatever!

    I don’t know what to do! I might just go spend the $ and get a ps3.

    What would anybody else do?

  • Frozenwave


    Shortly after my last post i decided to take matters into my own hands.
    My warranty is up anyways so I figured I’d try and save myself some money.

    All I can say is, if your warranty is up, and you want to save time/money between shipping and repair, and buying new xboxes, take
    a stab at fixing it yourself.

    Here is a link to a very good site relating to DIY Xbox repairs.

    Remember to be very careful when taking the shell off as it needs tlc,
    sort of like removing door/interior panels on newer vehicles.

    Kind of funny how microsoft SELLS an xbox disassemble tool.
    I can tell how they tried to make it difficult to take apart,
    probably to ecourage people to PAY THEM to fix it.

    I used my torx bits, a guitar pick (as a wedge), and a very tiny flat head screwdriver to do the whole job. “need” a disassemble tool my ass.

    After I got down to the guts, I removed the CD drive and took the
    top plate off, slid the lens rail back, removed 3 small screws, lifted the spindle motor, slid it off its copper coil and checked everything out. It seems the spindle motor froze up or something so I put a little di-electric grease and it and reassembled it. Then, I gently blew ALL dust out of the console with my air compressor.

    Reassembled the console, fired it up, and all is well. We’ll see how long it lasts this time.

    So anyways, if you can put a starter in a car, you can fix your
    Xbox360 (both simple tasks). Just be gentle, and make sure to
    carefully blow all the dust out of the console when it’s apart,
    and pay close attention to the guide, which is very short and simple (with pics)

    Don’t be afriad to take a stab at it. It was so easy. Saved me 140
    bucks, PLUS the long wait.

    Good luck guys.

  • Jose

    AY GUYS!!! I Got the 360 back and it seems the sent the exact same one…since the Serial and Manufacture number are the same…They sent me a free one month Gold card too…an apology letter and survey too….I just pray that my 360 lasts a lot longer and I won’t have to go through another repair process….I can finally play in peace 4 now…Good luck to you guys and i pray that all goes well for my fellow 360 freaks…PLay on Playas ^_^

  • Eddie

    I got the photo copied form letter and survey. I didn’t get the one month gold card 🙁

    After too many complaints of people sending in consoles that were new in appearence and recieving consoles that looked like they had been tossed around a few times, Microshaft changed a policy. When your dead console arrives, they strip the case and put it on a refurbished console and ship it back to you.

    Look at the the UPS tracking. You will see that the replacement was shipped out the same day that your arrived. I highley doubt that they have a one day turn around with the daily volume of broken consoles.

  • Eddie

    Jose –

    The only problem with taking it apart is that you break the microshaft seal. If you are unable to fix the console, there is a good chance that they won’t send you a refurbished console for $150.

  • Jake

    man im addicted 2 my 360 like im a cokehead but i have the 3 blinking lights of death and cant figure it out so looks like im switchn 2 heroine unless any1 has any ideas…

  • Frozenwave

    option 1: If your warranty is still good, send it in, have em fix it, and tell em u want a free month of xbox live gold.

    option 2: If yer warranty is up, send it in, pay 140-150 bucks to have them take care of it, and ask for a free month of live gold, lol.

    option 3: do what i did and take it apart, clean it (read my previous post for ideas/link) and save yourself a wait, and money (if warranty is up.

    also, if you have an intercooler, detach it from the back of the console. I’ve cleaned/done everything i could to mine and it gives me 3 red lights. when i remove it, all goes well.

  • Drew

    Yup, they sent me another f’d up console…getting tired of this. At this rate, I’ll have an XBOX 360, and XBOX live gold forever, without ever having to pay for anything. This one’s like a carbon copy of the last one they sent me, except sometimes it gives me disc read errors, added onto the “to play this game, put it in an XBOX 360″…I’m sure I’ll see the red lights in about a month…ridiculous.

  • Drew, that’s gotta be some sort of a record. What number is this one now?

  • Drew

    3. I haven’t sent it in yet. It kind of sucks to get it, and send it right back out. Especially since I rented something from gamefly, that got here on the same day the 360 did. I know people on their 7th. So, it’s def not a record. 😉 When this one breaks, I’ll be on #4. Pretty frustrating.

  • John Does

    A lot of the problem stems from the type of cheap solder that MS used, and it isn’t making proper contacts on the CPU/GPU, which requires it to be “reballed”… my advice is get a different console all together, PS3 or Wii and just Fuck MS for life.

  • Drew

    While that may be a good idea…I’m not down with the Wii controller. I don’t like the fact that you have to swing it around. When I play video games, I just feel like vegging, not getting up, and/or flailing my arms around. I’m also really unimpressed with the games/graphics on the PS3. For coming out a year later, it should look way better. Sad truth is, Sony didn’t even use a GPU that’s as powerful as the 360s. Yes, they used Blu-Ray, but I have a hard time believing that a game is going to come out, any time in the near future, that’s 50 GB. If space runs into this huge issue on the 360, they’ll just span games across multiple discs. Or use a dual-layer, dual sided disc. Triple layer DVDs are supposed to be coming out sometime soon, so I hear. I don’t care if I have to get up once anyway. Sony’s also lost too many exclusive games to justify the cost of their system. Don’t want/need Blu-Ray. It’s not a viable option for me.

  • Some of us have decided to pursue a media campaign against MS until this issue 3 light is addressed. See this topic on the forum and read the latest posts if you are interested: FORUM TOPIC


  • same thing after i updated gears of war

  • brandon e.

    dude i was playing spiderman 3 and it just froze so then i turn it on again and i got 3 red lights. what is suports #?

  • Nick

    I just downloaded the new Spring ’07 dashboard, and it’s started to freezeup. Restarted it and boom, 3 ring of death. Won’t startup now. GRRRRR!!

  • martin

    Think image this…. ( im microsoft lets say ) ok so little $ lets do this make bad updates so they give us thier console repair give it a bad update and send it back??? Think were do u think the systems are coming from??? scam 2 updates on like every min 3 i keep getting 2 ( overheat) yea 5 min overheat weird i can do shit on dashB cant play???

    PS 5 min isnt over heat!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • martin

    OR a hacker i know some well hakers u never know

  • martin

    srry spaming but i think ps3 will soon be the new 360 i mean who comes up with this shit???? 2 lights off 3 dead 4 dunno seruolisy

    from john does get a wii or ps3 i totaly agree

  • martin

    omfg i wake up my little box wont give me my game or open the drive this is fucked

  • martin

    man now what to buy? wii 360 ps3 since i love ahcivements got alot of shit on 360 i dunno bout you guys wii controler sucks ps3 little games plus no halo3 so im stumped

  • Damnit! Same thing happened to me after playing Gears Of War. I don’t think I had to download an update for it, but there WAS an update for “Rainbow Six: Vegas”

    Quadrants 1, 3, and 4 light up red most of the time when I turn on the XBOX. And if I’m lucky, it’ll turn on successfully, I’ll play for a little bit, then WHAM! Locked up. I just wasted 20 minutes.

    I work as a Systems Engineer for a 100% Microsoft environment. Have these same problems with servers at the office… I don’t need ’em at home, too!! I’m seriously thinking of switching to a MAC environment. If anyone has a working solution for the 3 red lights, please let me know.


  • Jose

    Hey Guys … it’s me again…seems like it has been the third week of getting my 360 back and still no sign of problems…hopefully this can stay up until the Halo 3 BETA ends….i’m thinking positive thoughts and praying that my 360 will last at least until the BETA is over…..sry to hear these stories bout other ppl having bd luck with their systems….i still believe!!! ^_^

  • Eddie

    I still believe as well!!! I believe that Microshaft is releasing crap patches that cause system failures. I believe that Microshaft has poor QA standards that allow an inferior product to be manufactured. I believe that Microshaft is screwing us, each time any of us have to pay a single cent to have a problem fixed that was caused by Microshaft.

    I still believe!!!

  • Billy

    dude the same shit happend to me everything was fine untill i got x box online the worst thing ever it’s a virus waiting to happen. but i also had no issues with my online untill i downloaded updates and that was the new one for gears of war i think you guys are right that would be a good scam to pull off and i wouldnt put it past microsoft. i vote fuck online just play the shit normal i also vote fuck x box go get a ps3 when they work out there bug’s but who knows x box might have hope if we dont download the updates but i think you have to in order to play the games right?



  • Drew

    You know Dreamcast is Sega, right? My XBOX still works from 5 years ago, perfectly. All my friend’s XBOXs still work also. PS2 on the other hand, broke all the time. The DVD-ROM drive in that thing was terrible. I’m literally shocked that yours still works. I’ve never had a problem with MS, until my 360. That’s why it’s so lame. Hopefully they’ll come up with a solution soon.

  • My original Xbox still works too Drew, although it has trouble reading discs every now and then. I got it the Christmas they were released. And Dreamcast was the best console ever built, I’ve got two of them at home that still work. I keep them around cuz I’ve got a NES Rom disc that lets me play all the orignal NES games on my Dreamcast.

    I loved Dreamcast because piracy was so simple, no need to mod the firmware or anything for it to read burned games. I love the Dreamcast.

  • Drew

    I actually never had the Dreamcast, though I hear great things about it, even still. It does sound pretty sweet that you are able to play NES games on it. Do you just pop in a disc with burned NES roms on it? I just thought it was kinda funny that that guy was talking about it like it was MS made. =)

  • That’s right Drew, I just pop in a disc full of NES roms and I’m able to play all of them. Super Mario Bros 3 is the best!!!

  • Drew

    That’s awesome. Super Mario 3 is the best. I still remember when that game came out, and the graphics were “amazing”. “OMG I can fly!” lol! NES had some of the best games though. Same with SNES.

  • swanee

    cant beleive this shit beta comes out and i get
    update for crackdown and now i get red lights this is fuckin stupid

  • Guys… I took my XBOX 360 back to Best Buy because I was smart enough to purchase the 2 year replacement warranty and they took 3 minutes to give me a complete replacement. And it works great. Don’t know what those stupid red rings are… and don’t care anymore. All I know is that I’m back up and running, and I’m NEVER playing Gears Of War again!! That last update is what caused my problem. Now I’m playin’ Command And Conquer 3: Tieberium Wars and it’s workin’ like a champ.

    Good luck to everyone else!

  • Drew

    It was actually the dashboard update that caused many other peoples systems to crash. Everyone just hates the latest GoW patch, because you get stuck to so many walls and stuff.

  • Out of Luck

    Dan The Man,

    Did they ask for a proof of purchase at CostCo? Mine was won by someone who purchase it at Costco 2 years ago. I was wondering if they would they take it back.

    Out of Luck

  • Blistah

    I bought my 360 in Feb 07. I just got the 3 red lights of death last week (mid-May). It’s been almost a year and a half since the release of this hardware. There’s absolutely no excuse for such widespread failure of a product by such an obviously large and wealthy company. I love Crackdown, Gears, Oblivion, and am looking forward to a lot of other great games. But jeez Micro$oft, get your act together.
    They’re sending me a box for a supposed free repair. We’ll see. I might buy a core unit to use as a spare and purchase a 2 year in-store instant replacement for it. Seems sad that such a step would be needed.

  • CUDGEdave

    I had updated with the spring update,and as the update finished i got the 3 lights….AND it was exactlly a year after I bought the 1st 360….”Timebomb” by MS???

  • cody

    I just turned my xbox 360 on and the 3 red lights started flashing at me I don’t know what to do.

  • CUDGEdave

    Phone MS if its still under warranty

  • If you bought your XBOX from any retailer… such as Best Buy… make sure you get the extended warranty. I know it’s a little extra $$$$ but it paid off for me and several of my friends who got that damn “3 quadrant red lights of death”. We all got that warranty, and we all eventually got the red rings. Seems to come from Gears of War, but when I read these postings, it seems to be quite random. But anyway, we brought our XBOX 360’s back into Best Buy, and with NO questions asked, they gave us new ones… right out of the box. If it happens again and again and again, we do the same thing… until, of course, the warranty expires. But thank God, it’s only happened once to all of us.

  • Mac

    DO NOT BUY AN XBOX 360 Its a fucking Rip off!!!!
    Im on my second one and there is just No fix for the 3 red lights on the ROL.

    Its a heating Machine that works only on burning its on Motherfuckingboard, I dont believe that Microsoft did not have any competent Quality Control agents or the people that designed the damn thing did not think about a heating issue just by placing the Motherboard so close to the metal panel, I mean “helloooo Mcfly!!!! hello!!!!”

  • my fucking console is doin the red blinkey thing goddamn brewery goddamn it i love my xbox ahhh i tried throwing it on to the ground then i filled up the bath tub tossed it in and nothing seemed to work then i threw it in the microwave for about ten mins and took it out pissed all over it plugged it in and its worked ever since…fuck im good

  • Mac

    Im getting my got damn Money back on this shit after 6 moths on pure bullshit…. Never getting one again….

  • rushbewild

    I have flashing red lights and i found a simple but suckass solution to this problem. (and you better hope your console is under warrenty.) Like stated in previous articles try to trouble shoot the problem befor calling xbox.

    trouble shoot as follows.
    -unplug your console for 1 min. and try to restart.
    -if not then remove your HD and start it without the hd.
    -still no? check to power supply box, when the xbox is on it should be green. When powered off it should be amber.

    Shi* you must still be frustrated, and even when the xbox works for a little bit it then freezes and reminds you of the problem once again. this sucks.

    Why is this happening?
    Who knows? i dont even think microsoft realy knows, but the truth is it can be a veriaty of things. If you see the red lights it means the console has detected somthing wrong with the system (No Shi* its freezing) but red lights are not a specific error instead it can be many differant issues.

    1-The most common complaint of this problem as read in the other articles seems to be game updates. I know my console crapped out about 20 minutes after my xbox automaticly updated GRAW 2 onto my HD. Microsoft claims that an update would never screw up your console. I think their full of Shi*.

    2-Time and date…. that sounds funny right? but yes the inncorrect time and date on your console may totaly fry your box. when your time and date are wrong and you update the two files reject leading to somthing catostrophic. Yhis is a confirmed fact.


    4-Overuse… yeah you know who you are. playing GOW,GRAW or the halo 3 beta for 12 hours straight for a week. and yeah that can lead to bad stuff especialy after 6 or 7 months every day.

    Heres your solution for every one of these problems.
    SEND IT BACK! Don’t even waist your time tryng to fix it. it will void your warrenty and if you dont have one they wont even fix your box for a fee. your screwed. Do not remody you box. No towel trick, it may work but if it dosnt your only going to further damage your cnsole, possible voiding your warrenty. Contact Xbox immidatatly.

    What to do now?
    Call 1-800-469-9269
    Get a rep on the phone.
    tell them you want to apply for a warrenty repair.
    If your xbox is more then a year old maybe you want to try telling them you got it this past christmas and dont have the recipt.
    They now want your info to start a claim.
    They will try and trouble shoot the problem again… just go along with it or pretend to.
    nope still dosnt work.
    they will ask you fr the cerial #.
    give it to them.
    after about 35 mins. you get a ref #. and your case is under way.
    you will get a prepaid box in the mail via ups.
    Ship them only your console. (no wires, controllers or even your HD. take all that shi* off. Send it away and hold your breath. It will take a little more then a week to reiceve a referb. now your back in business.

    If this didnt work with the warrenty, buy your self a used or referb xbox core for like 175-200 and put your old hd back on the new one. That sucks.

    If your warrenty has expired, it wil cost you $139 to get it fixed.

    Good luck and Let me thank every one in this forum for helping me figure this common microsoft fuc* up out.


  • repairs used to be free now their not! THEY ARE $130


    I know a lot of us are having problems with our Xbox’s and it seems as though it is either a never ending cycle or Microsoft seems unwilling to truly assist us in addressing these issues.

    I feel that if we all unite as a single force, we can open someone’s eyes! We need to get all the people together in one place! My suggestion is, let us grab all the gamers, friends, posters, bloggers, IMers, whoevers and get them all onto the Myspace page that I have created just for this reason. Send everyone you can! WE HAVE POWER IN NUMBERS!!!

    Remember to post your story. Be professional, courteous and mature in your postings please. Let’s take the high road and be civil.

  • CJ

    I commend you on your enthusiasm, but I do believe your efforts may be with unwilling souls. I attempted to get a groundswell movement for a media campaign as as far as I know I am the only one who contacted Dateline NBC or anyone else (I think Trotski may have as well).

    I have speculated as to why and I believe it is a combination of apathy and busyness. People are just too busy these days as well as dissipated by all the movements vying for their attention. Not to mention that most of our compatriots are probably early twenties if not younger and have no clue what committing to such a movement entails.


    I am not trying to step on toes… unless it motivates you.

  • Sp

    My 360 stopped workin for me in march. all my my systems work perfectly except for my ps2 which i fixed by opening it and cleanin the lens. I tried to open my 360 but i cant get past the screws on the bottom.

  • Drew

    we have all been screwed by microsoft

  • Drew

    yea its a biotch to open that bastard

  • Lory’s solution worked for me. My 360 is playing a movie as I type this, but let me say that this is not for the fainthearted. Taking the 360 apart is a challenge all on its own and several times this task had me wanting to throw the bad boy at the wall. Of course then I am not very techy either, which is great news for those of you who are a little techy.

    I will update everyone if it bursts into flames or calls down beings from another planet to beam me away… errr… maybe not if that last thing happens 😉

  • Still working guys. I have had an update and downloaded a demo as well as several game videos with no problems.

    I think Lory’s fix may be the real thing.

  • Sp

    I’m good with tech, but my only challenge is opening it once i can do that it should be able to fix it. I opened my ps2 a few controls and a remote and fixed them this shouldn’t b a problem.

  • Let me see if I can find something on the internet with pictures about how to take it apart.

    It literally took me about six hours to do the fix because I had never taken the beast apart before. For this reason I dare not take it apart again just to video or take pictures. Love you guys but not that much.

  • Just figured i would let you guys know its been 1 week since i called xbox and since i wrote that long ass complaint. It also occured to me i purchased my xbox at costco wholsale, and they will take back any merchindise broken fo r any reason whenever you bought it without a recipt. all you need is a memebership. i got a brand new one the smae day and got to keep my old hd.! if your going to buy a new xbox cuz urs is no longer covered i would advise you purchase yours at costco wholesale… only downside is you must be a member. good luck.

  • Wow, that didn’t take long. Here is a link to a movie that completely shows how to rip the xbox apart. pretty nifty. Once you get it to a certain point you can see how to complete the task pretty much.


  • Oh, and when you get the end of this movie he sits the exposed inside of the box down on the table in front of him. The four chips that you actually see in Lory’s example are on the OPPOSITE side of the board meaning you have to flip it over.

    Good luck.

    I might consider doing a couple for others if they pay for their own shipping and a few bucks for the trouble of taking that beast apart.

    Really I don’t feel comfortable taking on the job, so really only ask me if you have exhausted all other options.

  • My 360 has virtually been on all day. I left it paused while I went to do some work and came back just now. My game is still running great and all is well.


    I recently purchased an XBOX360 5 months ago, after being a loyal Sony customer. I really enjoyed the online features and played for about 4 hours a night. Last sunday i went to pop in madden when the 360 made a noise the cd drive slowly pulled in the game. The xbox was trying to read the game when noise got louder and my ears couldn’t take the pain anymore(nails on a chalkboard). I believe its the motor that spins the game. Me being the novice gamer i called Ebgames describe the symptoms and told their is nothing to do but call tech support. Finally my questions is whats the problem and if any whats the solution?

  • Sp

    I would have to say that your disk drive is messed up. It probably got knocked off of somethin on the inside. A good solution would b to open it up and fix it yourself, but if u don’t know how to fix it just send it in for repairs.

  • Eddie

    Do NOT open it up! It is less than 12 months old and is still covered under the warranty. If you open it, you WILL void the warranty.

    Call XBOX and get an RMA. Make sure that they know your game is stuck in the drive. When you ship it to them, you will need to include a letter in the box, reminding them that a game is stuck in the drive. If you don’t you will not get the game back.

  • f’d over

    we all got f’d over! what a fckin rip off!! microsoft really has a knack for fucking up! i oughtta’ shove their fuckd up console up their greedy asses! i knew i should’ve waited for the PS3

  • Eddie

    Early Japanese reviews are saying that the PS3 wasn’t worth the wait. Even after adding another year to the release date, they still have a poor graphics engine and a slower CPU.

    The only thing that PS3 has over the 360 is blue ray. As I don’t use my 360 to watch movies, I don’t see that as a problem. Even then, if Blue ray becomes the winning standard, Microsoft will end up with an external blue ray drive, so no real problem there.

  • carlo silverio

    mga putang ina nyo tanginang microsoft yan bulok! i’d rather play my dreamcast! xbox 360 sucks putang ina mo bill gates! fuck your mother bill gates!! all you americans fuck you all!!

  • Eddie

    Now htere is someone with a firm grasp on the Enlish language (NOT).

    Yet more proof that Ebonics only makes look like a fool!

  • carlo silverio

    fuck you eddie! let’s have a brawl

  • Good morning friends. I sense a little hostility brewing here. We are on the same team here guys, regardless of our ability to speak english well or not 😉

    UPDATE: My box is still running like it never had a problem, almost a week after ripping it apart and doing Lory’s fix.

    Anyone else try this yet?

  • Colin: I agree, some hostility definitely brewing. Carlo needs to ease up and stop trying to get reactions outta people.

    Carlo: Be good or I’ll ban every IP you’ve visited from. You add nothing to the conversation and I won’t tolerate stupid little kids like you bashing America just because it’s the cool thing to do these days.

    Now, carry on, nothing to see here.

  • Sp

    ok now that thats over I just wanna ask did anyone find a way to fix it without openin the xbox because i still can’t get it open.

  • thekingofstoners

    Ok k here is the deal had the same issue and bounced around from forum to forum. finaly I read that there may be an issue with the power supply. I unplugerd the power supply for the night and when I pluged it back in this a.m. it appers to work fine. I have a bad habbit of leaving my 360 on. I think that has something to do with it. I have a 3rd run xbox360 and it is going on its secound year. and I love the hell out of my 360. so please feel free to lick my balls you forigen douche’ bag carlo silverio

  • trackzero

    so i bought 3 XB360s for myself & 2 friends in Dec 2006. One failed in Feb, one in April, and finally, mine about a week ago.

    If that’s not a systemic problem, I don’t know what is.

    F’kin shite, is what they are.

  • Evan

    Ya i have gotten the 3rlod before but i fixed it but when i got the update for rainbow six vegas or the update recently taking out all glitches on gears of war i got the freakin 3rlod

  • Tell us your thoughts on the xbox 360.

  • jwill11

    yall should clear all updates by going to “memory” press “y” then press ” x, x, left bumper, right bumper, x, x” then say “yes” . im tryin this right now might work . and im refusing to take any updates now so lets see if the updates are the problem

  • Rick

    Fucking spring 07 update. It’s just a fucking excuse to weed out all the old launch systems and force people to buy a newer x box 360. Mine was a lauch 360 and updated it yesterday only to have it give me the 3 red lights. Way to go microfucks. Let me just say that before that, I never once had an issue with my x box 360, only minor game freezing every once in a while.

  • Drew

    Ok, so MS finally caught on, and is now putting an additional heat sync in the refurbished XBOX 360s. I’ve had mine for 2 months now, which literally, feels like an eternity. It’s working pretty good besides the occasional “to play this game, put it in an XBOX 360,” which I still think is pretty ridiculous. I’ll keep you guys updated, and let you know how it goes. =)

  • Bossman

    Had my 360 for almost two years. I have never played online or had any updates made. I have encountered the same problem all of u have and of course am not under warranty. This leads me to conclude it has nothing to do with the updates. I dont think I want to pay MS for any repairs. I may try the towel trick that u have suggested. though it does not seem to be proven. My last hope is taking it apart and trying to fix it using the diagrams in this blog. If that doesnt work, I’m throwing it right off an overpass somewhere in central florida!!!

  • I got banned from posting in forums until the 24th of June.

    They said I spammed the forum.
    What it really was, is, is an attempt to silence the voice of those who are upset about the defective design of the xbox 360 Game Console.

    For real, I love the 360 when it is working, it rocks. But, Houston, their is a problem! And we, the consumers need not pay for fixing the problem.

    Microsoft, should give all of us who have the present, defective design, a NEW Elite, IF IT HAS BETTER PARTS IN IT!
    The story goes on … check it out on our site, if you want.

  • Ryan

    Listen, there is a fix for the three red lights that does 100% work and no “Do not ever do the towel trick” you stand a chance of screwwing up the system so it can never be repaired. I have four 360 two of which got the three red lights and I applied the fix and they are still running great. I redo the clamps inside the box plus increase the voltage to the stock fans along with adding a additional fan to get a better heat exchange.I can do this for under $75.00 plus shipping costs.

    PM at [email protected]

  • I do provide 3 red lights service repair in Los Angeles area, but also in US. contact me at : [email protected] (remove NOSPAM). thanks.

  • danny WARD

    ok the towel thingy tinky ting i done it all the time limit and all dat crap then after dat i turned on to play a 4 hour game (bioncle heroes) games and it fucking froze so…. what shall i do oh yeh im only 11 lol k wb assap tyler =)

  • Kurt

    Hey everyone

    This might not be neccessary as you probably know but the “towel” trick can help but in the long run it can heat damage 2 the xbox…but their is a guide to get rid of it on a few websites…seriously i thought it was a scam but when i bought i had no regrets…my xbox 360 hasnt froze or shown three red lights…all i had to pay was $23.99AUS or sumthin and the guide showed me everything including backup options if it does freeze again but this is apparently a permanent fix…it hasnt frozen for 5 months and i update almost all my games (have about 10 games)

    PS i dont have to worry anymore about 2 red lights becuase of the guide i bought!!

  • Carlos

    Yeah my xbox keeps screwing up…i mean i was thinking of getting that guide but i might as well wait for the 360 elite…but when i think about it…wont the same shit happen to the elite?? here comes karma again…

  • BrianK

    ive had xbox for about 10 months now and ive only encountered 3 red ring lights once around when i had the xbx for about 6 mnths…i rang customer support and when i turned it on it worked(problem solved)….the other day my area had a blackout…while i was playing my xbx the power shut off and i got 3 red ring lights flashing for a slpit second and it shut off…i realized that i had a blackout so i wasnt worried about the 3 red ring lights…ever since for about 3 mnths my xbox keeps 3 red ring lights flashing!!!…i rang customer support but they have not got a clue…any ideas??? it just pisses me off cause microsoft ont even know how the problem can be fixed…but wouldnt it be the same way they always fix the 360…??

  • Rick

    2 words: FUCK-MICROSOFT

  • scott

    Hi gamers ive had the 3 red lights twice now also after updates this is without a doubt a problem being sourced direct from microsoft updates most systems seem to die after the warrenty ends so us mugs either pay microsoft to fix there problems or buy another system. iam about to go buy another but iam going to find a way of taking of the seal without breaking it and swapping the internals with my knackred one then am going to go get my money back i think if we all start to do this microsoft would soon sort these problems out after all theve screwed literally thousands of us so lets screw them Bill Gates your a cunt…….

  • Brian K…. you probibly has a power surge. that would also cause the three red lights defiantly temp like you said but it could also be permanent. you xbox has to be hooked up to a surge protector and not be plugged into a power strip. your xbox requires a certain amount of power, so do use power strips. that can lead to surge damage.


    I posted on here a couple of weeks ago about disc drive failure. My xbox has been gone since the 15th of june and i havn’t gotten any emails about the progress. Does anyone know the time line for shipping? I’ve heard about a rumor that microsoft has decided to outsource thier repair center to prague? Even some repairs centers in the UK are refusing to accept xbox360 because of the over flow of consoles, the texas repair center suposedly get between 1500-2500. If thats the case then i expect another week before i get it back.

  • Siamakcgm

    I think M$ knows that their system will get 3 red lights problem and will stop working, so this way they can sell more X360 and get more money ! they added red lights in X360 because they know what is the problem and they know they are selling shit X360 ! i sold my X360 before getting any red light and am thiking to buy a ps3 cause it’s better to pay 600$ and have a console working perfect for 3-4 years! and i don’t have to buy X360 several times and pay more than 600$ !
    if they didn’t know what is the problem in X360 they wouldn’t add red lights inside it!

  • Sp

    That is true why would they put red lights on it if they didn’t know it would mess up. All they had to do was let it come on anyway even if there was a failure, But for some reason they put in the red lights to prevent that. I don’t understand why.

  • i have three red lights and a illuminated green power supply light does this mean that i will have to send it in for a repair if i do i will but up a bitch fit and never buy and xobox again and will resort to a ps3

  • Eddie

    Deez –
    They do not repair yours and send it back. Once they receive yours, they ship a refurbished one back from stock. On mine, they took my clean case and put it on a refurbished unit and then shipped it. Normally they ship out the day that they receive yours.

    Not knowing your shipping method or location, figure a week to get it to them and a week back to you. You can always call and ask them the status of your RMA.

  • Eddie

    The three red lights is a simple troubleshooting aide. It works very much like the POST in your computer, only it tells them less information.

    The 3 red lights aren’t preventing the Xbox from starting. The failure is preventing the xbox from starting.

  • Sp

    I think i might have fixed my Xbox 360. All i did was get it to come on connect it to the internet and then updated it. Its workin ok now I’ll update yall later.

  • is there a way to fix this other than opening it up because i will ruin the whole thing if i open it up

  • Eddie

    Did any of you catch the latest news release??

    Microsoft is now extending the warranty to 3 years. Looks like I will be calling to find out about my refund, for repairs…

    Xbox 360 repairs will cost Microsoft $1B By JESSICA MINTZ, AP Business Writer
    5 minutes ago

    SEATTLE – Microsoft Corp. said Thursday it expects to spend more than $1 billion to repair widespread hardware problems in its Xbox 360 video game console after a large number of them broke down.

    Microsoft said it would extend the warranty on the Xbox 360 to three years after too many of the consoles succumbed to “general hardware failure,” but the company provided few other details about the extent of the problems.

    “We don’t think we’ve been getting the job done,” said Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft’s entertainment and devices division, which also makes the Zune digital music player. “In the past few months, we have been having to make Xbox 360 console repairs at a rate too high for our liking.”

    Bach said the company made some manufacturing and production changes that he expects will reduce Xbox 360 hardware lockups, but he declined to identify the problems or say which others might remain. Microsoft said it will record a charge of up to $1.15 billion for the fourth quarter to cover the additional costs associated with the warranty extension.

    Matt Rosoff, an analyst at the independent research group Directions on Microsoft, estimates that Microsoft’s entertainment and devices division has lost more than $6 billion since 2002.

    Microsoft has written down larger amounts in the past — more than $10 billion in the late 1990s related to investments in telecommunications companies, and more than $5 billion related to antitrust issues — but a $1 billion write-down for one division in one quarter is significant.

    “It suggests the problem is pretty widespread,” Rosoff said.

    Microsoft will pay for shipping and repairs for three years, worldwide, for consoles that experience hardware failure, which is usually indicated by three flashing red lights on the front of the console, something gamers sometimes refer to as “the red ring of death.” Previously, the warranty expired after 1 year for U.S. customers and 2 years for Europeans.

    Microsoft also will reimburse the “small number” of Xbox 360 owners who have paid for shipping and repairs on out-of-warranty consoles, Bach said.

    In June, bloggers speculated that the Xbox 360 return problem was getting so severe that the company was running out of “coffins,” or special return-shipping boxes Microsoft provides to gamers with dead consoles. “We’ll make sure we have plenty of boxes to go back and forth,” Bach said in an interview.

    Microsoft’s entertainment and devices division reported an operating loss of $315 million on $929 million in sales for the three-month period that ended in March.

  • eddie so does this mean because it said that they may have found out how to fix the problem that the refurbished ones will not get the three red lights

  • Rick

    Finally Bill Gates and M$ had the balls to admit they fucked up. Now I will call and get my xbox 360 repaired for free, since it was their spring update that screwed my console to begin with. It’s about motherfucking time.

  • I’m still pissed about this whole three year warranty deal. So what maybe they did realize that they fucked up on the 360. But if they don’t figure out a way to fix the ring of death and put it in the refurbished ones we will be screwed by microsoft again. My point is we got our three year warranty so we just keep sending them in to get them repaired for free and then get pice of shit boxes sent back to us. Lets just say we keep sending them back and then finally. Bam! Our 360’s shit out on us again. But by this time we are fucked because this is our 10th 360 and our warranty is finally up then what guys? We fall to microsoft and start paying for repairs. Hell naw! i say we all stop buying microsoft’s shit and then just maybe… Well just maybe microsoft will finally give us quality and have our 400 some bucks be worth it.

  • amir

    i have the red ring of death ,

    i am sure i will have to buy a new console .

    why isnt microsoft taking responsibility for this manufacturer error , they should replace every console with the ring of death with a brand new console , plus free game and an apology for the inconvenience .


  • Hi guys, just wanted to point you to my latest post on the 3 year warranty extension:

  • Eddie

    What??? You mean the news release that I already posted in this thread???

  • Eddie, yes, I linked to the press release you already posted. I also posted the letter from Peter Moore and included some of my own comments.

  • Comment from xbox 360 defective website owner:

    Microsoft Sidestepping – Not doing this willingly.

    What Microsoft will probably do, is create a New Game Console… Elite.. or some thing, more advanced… then all 360 owners will be stuck with the old technology.

    Microsoft will not make the 360 updated with the new technology, but will start making games for the NEW CONSOLE. Leaving the 360 0wners behind with Old Techology.

    What Microsoft should do, is re design the 360, and give us all the NEW WORKING STABLE DESIGN FREE OF CHARGE. Just my thoughts. PS, THE 360 ROCKS WHEN IT IS WORKING I love it.

    Just for the record:

    The xbox 360 Rock and Rolls, (When it is workign)

    Most awesome experience.

    BUT, and that is a Big But, (If you like Big Butts, then that is not a problem…) the xbox 360 is not a perfected piece of equipment. It is still under development and we, the consumers are the Paying Testers.

    Just buy 2, if you buy 2, and get the extended warranty,
    $400.00 Each + $50.00 for 2 year extended = 3 year warranty.
    $400.00 Each + $50.00 for 2 year extended = 3 year warranty.
    $900.00, Then you can always be playing your xbox 360.
    You can send one in for repairs, and hope your spare lasts long enough to get the one sent off to be fixed, then, when the one you are using fails, ( and it will) you can grab that backup.

    No problem…. Just buy 2!

    Ps, one guy just bought a 360, brand new from store, had a Jan. 2006 MFR date, What’s up with that… read that story and hundreds, thousands more on my site.

  • Broken Blade

    Hey Guys!

    I just called Support. They did not give me too much trouble. Promised to send me a mailing box asap. Hope I will be back in business soon.

    I have read all the trouble you all went through. My trouble just started about 2 weeks ago. I just want to thank you all for making enough noise to get them to extend the warranty to 3 years. I got my first Xbox 360 by camping out at a Best Buy in November. That one bit the dust within a few months so this is my replacement. Let’s see how long the replacement for the replacement lasts.

  • rushbewild

    Microsoft announced today that it is expanding its Xbox 360 warranty to three years for any customer who experiences the three flashing red lights error message that indicates hardware failure. All repairs will be made free of charge for three years from the time of purchase, including shipping expenses. Anybody who previously has paid for their consoles to be repaired related to three red light error message will be retroactively reimbursed. Other existing Xbox 360 warranties remain unchanged.

    The warranty covers all Xbox 360 consoles. Whether you purchased an Elite, Core or regular Xbox 360 with a hard drive, the new expanded three year warranty holds from the date of purchase. Launch Xbox 360 consoles will now be under warranty from hardware failure until November 2008.

    With reports of massive numbers of hardware failures, one can easily anticipate that this retroactive warranty update will not be cheap. In fact, Microsoft is going to take a $1.05 to $1.15 billion pre-tax charge to earnings for the quarter that ended on June 30, 2007, for anticipated costs that it will incur under the current and new enhanced warranty policies.

    “We decided to do something pretty drastic to take care of our customers. Doing what we believe is the right thing for our customers is important to us,” Microsoft Corporate Vice President Peter Moore told IGN. “If you’ve had expenditure to fix your Xbox 360, we’re going to reimburse you.”

    For those unsure about purchasing a 360 for fear of the dreaded Three Red Lights of Death, Moore says there is no reason for concern. “We have a great deal of confidence that a lot of the problems we’ve been seeing are behind us,” Moore said. “Consumers should feel no issues about walking into a store and buying a 360 today. And should anything go wrong, we’ll take care of them immediately.”

    Moore could not comment on the return rate of Xbox 360 consoles, which has been recently rumored to be close to 30%. He also seemed unconcerned with any negative reactions to 360 on the eve of E3. “If it’s negative connotations heading into E3, so be it… the overriding focus is it’s good for consumers and we’re taking care of people.”

    “The majority of Xbox 360 owners are having a great experience with their console and have from day one. But, this problem has caused frustration for some of our customers and for that, we sincerely apologize,” said Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division. “We value our community tremendously and look at this as an investment in our customer base. We look forward to great things to come.”

    The company is making the move as a result of what the company views as “an unacceptable number of repairs to Xbox 360 consoles.” Microsoft claims that it has identified a number of factors that cause the three flashing red lights error message and has made improvements to the console.

    Whether the improvements result in less hardware failures remains to be seen. In the meantime, those with broken Xbox 360s can begin cheering.

  • Deez nutz

    Eddie i just got the email explaing that my console is on its way back. June 15th to july 2nd. Also i wanted to know what everyone thinks about the Intercoolers i purchased one and the guy at Ebgames seemed to give it the thumbs up. Whadya think?

  • Deez nutz

    june 15th to july 7th

  • Just so you will know. Says:
    Lawsuit Filed Claiming xbox 360 scratches disks.

    July 10th, 2007 at 5:29 pm
    Download the actual Lawsuit from my site.

    Class Action Suit charging 360 scratches disks.

  • Sp

    My 360 died on me again was workin perfectly for a few days. Oh well guess I’ll have to crack it open and apply some artic silver.

  • my xbox is also doing the ring of red lights it sucks the only update i can think of that i did was the gears of war latest upadte

  • In my saints row game I have, it might just be the heat problems. I will be driving along and all of a sudden there is a line on the ground all the way from one side of the world to the other and everything past it is all blury. if i drive into there my car will turn invisible and i will be stuck in the sky. any cars that go by just dissapear or fall into the ground… same with the people. pretty much it just stops loading. when i was 50% done the game this started happining and i saved it inside the vice kings mansion. so im like 50 stories up floating in the sky. i deleted that one and now it still goes on with any other people i start. if this happens to you i recomend going to ur local gamestop, E.B, or any other game store and buying a system cooling system for like 15-25 $ instead of spending ur money on a cooling system from a website for $49.99! lol…

  • =) add me Dermanieacul

  • costas

    this is the second time i get the three lights.
    the first time i called microsoft , they sent a guy took my console and returned it after a month(or more).
    i dont think it has to do anynthing with the updates.
    because the first time i didnt have xbox live.
    now , i purchased transformers , put it in , and … red lights.
    i don t know why they crash but one thing is sure .
    they r tooo fragile .
    ( i asked customer support why , and they told me it could be anything, like smoke or dust etc.
    i mean .. c mon.
    they should put a sign on the box “not suitable for smokers”
    “or clean it everyday “

  • costas

    i cant believe this
    i just did the towel thing and it works

  • Drew

    Yeah, mine’s dead again…dead, dead, dead. 2 months felt like a really long time, but sadly, it’s over.
    I call MS to have it sent away for repairs, for the third time…since Christmas 06.
    MS support tells me that this time, the repairs take longer. I ask how much longer. They say, “it could be at the repair center for 4-6 weeks, for extensive testing.”
    “…………………………4-6 weeks…for tests?!”
    “What the shit? You’re just going to be sending me a refurb anyway. I don’t understand how it takes 4-6 weeks, to pack someone else’s 360 in a box, and ship it to me.”
    “That’s just what they’re telling us to tell the customers now.”

    Well, that’s just great. I understand they are doing this semi-recall thing, and they really don’t want to keep sending people broken XBOXs but jeez. Don’t make me wait nearly 2 months to get a 360 back, when you’ve already had it twice before this.

  • Joe

    Same thing is happening to me man…I’ve been waiting for almost 4 weeks now. Every time I came support to check on the status of it, they just say that it’s still in the repair center. One guy even had the balls to say, after i had already checked with some one to see where it was, that they had just recieved it. Like what the fuck I sent it to you 3 weeks ago, other people say that it’s there and you say that you just recieved it. Damn talk about the right hand not knowing what the left is doing.


    ps: I’m on my first repair, and I really hate the 139.90 charge for repairing, and believe me I’m not paying that twice.

  • Eddie

    Sounds like you sent yours in just before they extended the warranty to 3 years. In any case, you will get a refund in the next 2 to 3 months (like the rest of us that had to pay).

  • Drew

    Only if he had the 3 red lights though. The warranty only covers the XBOXs if you get the 3 red lights. It’s still one year for everything else. But yeah, Joe, if you got the 3 red lights, and sent it in, you should definitely be getting a check back. Sorry to hear you’re having a bad experience. If there’s a next time, you can register your console online, so that you don’t have to call support, and sit on hold forever just to get an update. You can simply check the status of your repair from MS’s website. Not to say that you can’t call, and ask “wtf” but you would have a much easier, and painless time, checking if it’s done.

  • Gunner

    yea i got my 360 in december, it had a manufacturerdate of November 06. What is wrong with microsoft if their system has been out for a year and it is still locking up and burning up. I played my 360 with no memory unit or hard drive from dec. 24- jan 18. Then i got a memory unit. Later on about a month or two later i got a 20GB HDD. All i played from dec. through jul. was Rainbow Six: Vegas and Madden 07, the rest was 2 original xbox games. One week i just stopped playing my 360 and i went back a week later to play it and it worked for about 3 days and then it froze, i turned it off then on and had the three red lights. I said to myself that if it happens again tommorow then i am calling and getting a repair. Well of course it happened. The customer support guy asked me if the 360 was plugged directly into the wall. I said no, as if it made any diffrence. Well after i had set up a repair i tried plugging it into the wall directly. It worked and i thought that i had fixed my problem, until 10 minutes later when it froze. The emty box took 3 days to get to me. The box took 4 days to get to the service center. I thought that everything was going speedy and that i would have my system back in no time. Well i got an email on that day telling me that I would recieve the system in 4-6 WEEKS!!! well now i get to loose about a month of xbox live. I really hope that they fix this problem in the elite and ALL systems to come. Im looking forward to getting my box back, there must be alot on the assembly line. If Micro$oft cannot make a good console maybe they should get out of the buisness. So far, i think PS3 will rule all. If my crapbox breaks down again im tradeing it in at gamestop and buying a ps3.

  • Joe

    Well thanks guys for your advice on this problem. Hopefully I will be getting a refund soon since I had the RLOD. Well I suppose it could have been worse than my case for sure (heard some people are on thier 10th 360!!!), but thanks for your quick responses.


  • apolloflux

    I truly believe that all xbox360’s are hooked up to one central super computer that plays tricks with xbox 360 owners . i never knew microsoft would stoop so low!!!!!

  • Sp

    Can someone tell me if they will fix my 360 for fee after its been opened with the new 3 year warranty. I sent them a email and they said they would, but I’m not sure if I can trust their word or not. Thanks in advance.

  • Sp

    I meant free not fee

  • J

    Hey i think a large portion on the whole three red lights has 2 do with dust does any1 know how 2 get dust out of your 360 without a fan or dust remover or any dust removing spray.If no1 knows and they wanna get a guide but u have 2 pay 4 it which is lame with a cc a total of $24 for Chris Jones three red light fix google it its NOT the 1 with the skull but the 1 with three red lights its a online manual i havent used it but i know people who have and it works! but i dont have a valid and authorized cc# do yeah and thats all u need so does any1 have a valid and authorized cc#? Or if some1 decides 2 go along and buy the online guide will u PLEASE send it 2 this email address and/or the valid cc# if both then send both so yep and thanks!

  • J

    my email is [email protected] heh heh sorry bout that and i meant so yeah not do yeah but we all make mistakes

  • J

    yo sp sorry about that give me your gamertag and ill help u out so go 2 and we will talk then alright peace

  • Drew

    J…just send it in man, there’s a 3 year warranty covering the 3 red lights. I seriously doubt dust is causing problems with the XBOX 360. That’s just something MS says. I mean c’mon…dust? My original XBOX has basically been collecting dust since I got my 360. Fired it up the other day and it works perfectly. I guess if you were using the 360 in a sandstorm, it would not be good for the DVD-ROM lens…but I can’t see anything getting so dusty within a month, that it just plain doesn’t work.

  • Sp

    My Gamertag is Sp Diablo

  • ish

    i saw a book that someone is selling with the steps that u can fix it .if anyone knows about this book and thinks that can fix it send me a email. plz

    this the web site of the book

  • Tony

    See now all you had to do was pay 2/300 more and you wouldn’t have any problem with a PS3. I play mine all day without an intercooler and everything’s smooth. I had an Xbox 360 and almost every time i play madden, halo, etc the system would freeze. I just sold it before i had any 3 ring crap. I’m very satisfied with my new system (sorry if I’m rubbing it in).

  • J

    lol yea ur right thanks drew if u have a gamertag online which u probably do can u give me ur gamertag so i can make u my friend i just got sp so yea thanks again!

  • are you joking me ps3 is the biggest piece of shit system i have ever herd of. all the titles are og platformed for 360 and then adapted for ps3 which means all ps3 owners get the ass end of the game and controls. #2 the ps3 controller sux. it is basically the same as the 10 year old ps1 controller which was never very ergonomically correct to begin with, and has the most ridiculous parallel toggle set up with has no sensitivity. the GPU suxs. the graphics are sub par to 360. and further more the only reason one who has owned a ps3 has had no problems is cuz you’ve prob had it for 2 week! you automatically blow cow cock if you waste your money on ps3. o and by the way… bluray discs will be lucky if the format makes it out of 2007 alive. sorry fellas theres only room for one new format and guess what?! it hd dvd…. hahahaha what a fucking waste! screw you sony, and all you development fuckery you bestow upon your consumers. and guess what! when your on your 10th ps3, dont expect them to do the right thing like ms (xtend the warranty) it will never happen. o yeah and like they say history repeats itself, right? me and every one i know went threw at least 5 ps2’s. and guess what, nothing. i still have my original xbox, works like the day i bought it online and all… hahahaha still works! Fuck you sony! Rock on 360, Rock on.

  • Sarah

    Mine worked fine untill i let my sister and her friends watch a movie on it. Im pretty sure they didnt turn it off after the movie and it over heated. I think they melted part of one of the chips in the xbox. Mine started to freeze whenever i would sign in or try to start a game. A week after that started up it started giving me the 3 flashing red lights. Im not sure if it really has anything to do with the updates. Just try to keep your 360 out of small spaces.

  • Josh

    Unfortunately for me, and just like every other 360 owner, I also have the 3 rings of death. After reading some of the earlier blogs about people having problems after they updated their system I’m beginnning to think that this could be one of the major factors into our problems (for those of us who update). I’ve only had my 360 for about 4.5 months. I play it once in awhile, nothing to extreme for it to over heat or be over worked and I’ve never once had any problems. I recently bought the Xbox 360 steering wheel and Nascar 08. You have to update the steering wheel before you can use it (or at least I think you have to) and also you have to update in order to play Nascar 08. I updated…It worked fine for a couple of hours and then the screen just froze up and became all pixelated. I would have to restart the system and I could navigate just fine in the dashboard. But once you put a game in (and I put several different games in) the system would freeze again and no red lights. I thought maybe it’s overheated so I turned it off. The next morning I turned the Xbox on and started to play for about 2 min and it froze again and then the 3 rings of death came on. That leads me to believe that my problem doesn’t stem from overheating. I thought maybe a piece of dust was stuck on the optics lens that reads the games. So I went out and bought a disk cleaner for $10. I cleaned the inside and it seemed to have fixed my problem. I played the game (Nascar 08) for about 3-4 hrs with no problems and then went to bed with piece of mind. I went to play this morning and it froze again within about 3 min again. This time no red lights. I put the disk cleaner in again and it fixed my problem again and I played for about 3 hrs with no problems. I’m having a hard time understand how the worlds 2nd richest man (yes he got knocked off the top) makes a game system that messes up so much and doesn’t even have an exact or routine problem. Everyone is experiencing problems and we all have different reasons why. It’s pretty sad that Mr. Monoply sold us equipment that he has more problems than his first version of windows. I expect to have minor problems (that can be fixed with one solution) if any, especially if I’ve paid over $1,000 for the system, steering wheel, games, and Xbox live. TOTAL B/S!!

  • J

    ish u 4got 2 say what your e-mail was…

  • J

    does anyone know of ANY way at all on how 2 fix the WHOLE problem?I cant send it in its the last month of summer i want it fixed now so i can enjoy the rest of it

  • J, other then sending back to ms not to many good ways to fix it without voiding the warranty, and since it got xtended to 3 years you might not want to fiddle dick around with your 400 dollar toy, u know. my best advice if your warranty is voided would be to buy it at a store like costco wholesale, or any other HUGE wholesaler who take back EVERYTHING NO MATTER WHAT on the spot, as long as you have every thing. i have had red rings twice and both times A HAD A BRAND SPANKIN NEW XBOX THE SAME DAY! all i did was bring it back to costco and no questions asked and they let me keep my hard drive so i didnt lose any game data. if you are going to buy a new xbox, consider buying it from them, you need a membership to these places. Sam’s club and BJ’s whole sale will do the same for you.

  • J

    thanks ill try that

  • chad

    this is total bs… had my 360 for two years now no problems. I play it VERY infrequently. Turned it on tonite to watch a dvd and it came on no prob but says it needs a console update. I say OK, it does its thing, goes to reboot, now I get the MF red ringer. I’m ready to throw the damn thing through a wall, but wait…i’ve got 500+ dollars invested…congratulations microsoftie you can all bite me

  • cobragman1215

    I’ve had the red light issue twice now. I paid the $140 to get it fixed and I turned it on this morning and it is doing it again. We all have the same problems with this 360. The real thing that everyone should start thinking about is what do we need to do to direct this information to the right person. Your meaning to tell me in the kind of information age that we live in we can’t influence someone to check into this for us? Microsoft is a company just like any other. The equipment is faulty. What do we do to make it as public as possible. It’s not getting solved if people just keep trying to fix it themselves. I’ll tell you guys one thing I’m sure as hell not paying another $140 dollars to get it fixed again. I’d rather spend that on my car…

  • Eddie

    Maybe you missed something… Microsoft has extended the warranty to 3 years. You should be getting a refund for your original repair and this current repair will be covered under the extended warranty.

  • sp

    I can’t play my 360 at all. I can’t turn it on at all. Well maybe someone can send me help through here or my gamertag is Sp Diablo as i said above. Plz give me some help I’m been wanting to play my 360 for a while now 🙁

  • hahaha ironically i got red lights again, went back to costco and got a new one! i cant believe i got them 1 day after i posted again. i am now an IRON.

  • J

    sp like i said accept my friend request and then we will talk my gamertag is Yo Boy Jay B also if you didnt know you can accept messages on im having the same problem and yeah so if you already didnt c ya

  • enrique

    same thing to me so i did the towel trick it wasen’t enough then i sended mines in wiated a month and a half! am a couple a days it did 3 red lights! and i didn’t play alot!

  • Jose

    Hey guys Im back and happy to report that my 360 is still up and running ever since my 1st repair back in March…I hope not to jinx it though…i got all updates and all that crap…and my 360 still works….Im sorry to hear the rest of you got the 3RL … i hope to see some progress from MS soon…good luck guys… =)

  • Harold

    Guys i dont really have time to explain but my xbox 360 is fucked up. I moved so i put it back in its box and then i installed last week and wanted to play fifa 07 (i played alot in my old house…) and then all of a sudden it made a raspy grainy noise as it froze… i turned it off and then the 3 red lights came on.. i disconnected it and then it worked fine then it froze again with a grainy screen…. yah fucking microsoft dumbasses fucking up our systems… anybody know what the problem might be

  • Eddie

    If you’ve read this forum, then you know that you should just call XBOX and arrange to have it fixed under the 3 year warranty. If you try to fix it, odds are you will invalidate the warranty.

  • hunter

    someone please help me. i got the 3 flashing red lights and i tried to be bill nie the science guy and fix it myself. how can i tell if i invaledated the warranty or not.

  • Eddie

    If you broke the seal, then it is doubtful that microsoft will honor the warranty.

  • playboy

    fuck microsoft got the 3 red lights after playing tenchu peice of shit i knew i shoulded stuck with ps3 same thing happen to my fucken xbox one got all dusted out and blah blah buy dust remover and had to clean the pieace of shit and it worked well for my xbox1 it did but the new 360 shit what xbox 800 gonna do the same thing lol.fuck that buying the ps4ahah or ps3 now peice of shit 500 dollers down the drian boycott 360 lol

  • Jose

    Hey guys….just a thought if anyone even cares…you should try making sure your 360 is in a well and i mean well-vent area and you should keep it where it is on its rubber standings so the airholes of the system can breathe..i used to have it standing where the bottom holes were blocked and i think that caused my 360 to get 3RL… now ive been playin it differently and i havent gotten it yet…best of luck guys

  • Eddie

    Mine sits n top of the entertainment center, not inside. I also put 1/2″ tall rubber feet under it. It has been this way since day one. That didn’t stop it from getting the Ring Of Death, right after a software update.

    It really seems to be a crap shoot. Some problems are clearly related to software updates and other problems are caused by heat and cold solder connections.

    I hope that by extending the warranty to 3 years, that microsoft is doing some heavy inestigating to determine all factors and resolve the issues.

    In the end, this is business as usual for microsoft. What microsoft call ‘C’ release, others wouldn’t even consider to be final Beta.

  • Mac

    Microsoft its a money eating monster that eats its own shit….
    Getting rich on our exppence, I had one for 6 months, had it replaced 2ice due those 3 red lights, then I said Fuck this…. got my money back and got a nice and fast PC, got my plastation 2 fixed and now Im rocking on with it….

    The only game I relly Miss is Gear of war….
    other than that fuck xbox 360 and to hell with its designer bullcrap engineers….

  • Dukester

    Well Guys and Gals, I got my Xbox 36 December 12th 2006. It would lock up once or twice a day when playing Vegas (probably the game). But as of Monday Past august 13th the red 3 rings came up. It’s definitely gone bad. Called MS tech support and they said they would send me a box. Got that yesterday on August 16th and sent the Xbox 360 right back out the same day. Purolator says its 2 days delivery to the MS repair center. Since I’m in Canada, Nova Scotia it will go to the Ontario, North Fork Fulfillment center. I was told since they actually don’t do repairs in Canada I’ll either get a new one or a refurb (which sucks cause I bought it new). So they should have it by Monday. Now the waiting game to see how long it will take to get me replacement. Also a side note when I brought it to Purolator office to be shipped its in a plain white Box, the Purolator guy said “there’s an Xbox in that hey?” I said yes, turns out they are getting allot of those box’s, and he said he even had to send his in …lol I’ll keep you all posted on the return for us Canadians.

  • Rob

    This seriously sucks, i hadnt used xbox live all summer, and i came home, plugged it back up, it asked me if i wanted to update xbox live, and before i can even click yes or no, i get the damn 3 red lights, i dont get it, my power supply is green, and its in a safe wall outlet, i mean, what the hell? microsoft gives crappy FAQ’s anyways, and like someone before said, the forums are just a bunch of stuck up d-bags…

  • I got the three red lights and i cant get it fixed and i got it repaired but it still broke so i bought a new one and then it broke im so mad so now im just going to send them both in.

  • DeadBox

    Had my 360 for about 6 months now, connected to Live all the time with all the updates and no problems until now! It crashed a few times, through up the 3 red lights and wouldnt boot at all. Got it to work after leaving it for a few days but only for about half an hour then it locked up and gave me 3 red lights again. Now it wont boot up at all.
    Phoned Microsoft, could hardly understand the foreign lady at the other end, but from what I could understand i’m waiting for an e-mail from them so I can print off the returns label so I can send it back in my own packaging and at my own expense? Whats the crack there? From what I,ve read above alot of you are getting boxes sent out to you or courier’s picking the parcel up for you. I’m in the UK so maybe its done differently…..sounds about right! Anyway I’m convinced its an overheating issue as i’ve never known anything to get as damn hot as my xbox does. I hear that it uses a grahics chip designed by ATI, from my experiance with ATI graphics cards they run quite hot and their drivers are dodgy at the best of times. Just my opinion but maybe microsoft is having problems with the ATI graphics chip running too hot, since the original xbox didnt have this problem on such a wide scale it might be becuase it used a chip by Nvidia,who I think are much better at manufacturing graphics chips. Anyway its Microsofts problem so I hope to be getting my xbox returned in a fully working state for at least 5 years so I can get down to some serious gaming, although i’m not holding my breath.

  • ryan

    ok ok the reason why xbox 360 has the 3 red lights i know this might be a stupid thought.BUT I THINK MICROSOFT JUST HAD US FOR PAYBACK FOR THE FRIST XBOX1 YOU KNOW HOW WE MODDED THAT.WELL THAT WHY THE 360 IS ALL FUCKED UP WITH THE 3 RED LIGTHTS.EVENTUALLY MIRCORSOFT GOT THERE MONEY BACK FOR THE FRIST XBOX BECAUSE IT WAS MODDED…….PS3 DINT DO IT BECAUSE I GUSSE PS2 DINT GET MODDED AS MUCH AS THE 360 DID AHAH I BET THAT WAS TOP SECRET FOR AWILE.JUST THINK ABOUT IT UNLESS IF YOURE AT ESL SCHOOL I GUSSE UR A LILTTLE SLOW…..BUT keep in mind the nintendo wii is already modded but the next nintendo system might get fucked up as well just for pay back So yeah ahhah k blah bye

  • Jusin

    Wow. I never knew until my 360 gave me the 3 flashing lights of death that there are so many issues with the Box. Mine froze up the day after I updated Halo 2. I was able to start it back up once and froze when I entered the game. After that I couldn’t get past the start up screen. After three times of trying I finally got the red lights. I imedietly called support. Found out that they are repairing my Box for free and shipping as well. I sent it out last week but I’m not convinced that this is the end of my problems. After reading that some people are through their 3rd 360 already I’m a little worried that I’m going to get mine back rip open the fucking 360 plug it in and bang more bullshit. Well nothing else I can really do. This is just another product that Microsoft puts out on the market before completly testing the device. At least they are taking a little bit of responsibility. Dont try support from the xbox site. Useless shit. Hope that you still have warranty or your fucked

  • Craig

    I bought a 360 for my son for Christmas 2005, in october 2006 just 2 days inside warranty it got the ring of death 3 light thing. I contacted MS who promptly sent me an e-mail with postage paid stickers and I sent the 360 back.

    About 2 weeks later it cam back and worked fine up until today (August 21st 2007) which you’ll note is almost another 10 months from the last time it failed almost to the day!

    Now MS have said they will repair it free of charge again, couldn’t apologize enough and offered me a free game as this had happened twice, but as an avid 360 fan I actually owned all 4 of the games that they game me a choice of already, so when i told them this they said they would send me a free wireless headset instead, which I’ve gratefully accepted as compensation.

    I can’t fault MS on their customer service, yes I’m pissed off that it has broken again, and yes I’m certainly more than a little worried that it might go wrong again in another 10 months, but to give them their due they are holding their hands up and saying ‘Yes we’ve got a problem and we’re not gonna leave you in the shit’ so as far as I’m concerned yes its inconvenient, but at least unlike many other companies they have the balls to admit their mistakes and actually do something about it…

    Oh and by the way, I’m not some suck up biased Microsoft fan, I ditched all of my PC’s in the past and as I type now I use my beloved Apple Mac (one of two I own) because I still think once you go Mac you never look back, OSX rocks and windows sucks (still) and I did give that a go having used it from Windows 3.11 for workgroups right the way up to XP Pro.

    So in summary …. Microsoft, this is an amazing cock up, but well done on your customer service… good to see…

  • DG

    Hello. I had an xbox 360 premium for over a year now and I have had no problems. I decided to buy the elite system about a week ago and today started having the 3 red light come on. I actually figured out my problem due to it because of reading a post here. My problem was because the power supply was not on correctly. When I moved the system to swap the hard drive, it started doing it. thats only because the power supply dis aligned when I moved the system. I didn’t know at first. I actually tested it out by leaving the power supply unaligned. the red lights would come on every time. When I would push in the power supply the right way, the lights stop coming on. I hope I was clear. I don’t know if this solution was mentioned earlier. It may not always work because some systems are defected but it may help non defected systems. I am just trying to help.

  • Dukester

    What do you mean by aligning the power supply? I heard of people making sure the power supply thats on the gronud to make sure lots of air get to it but I don;t understand what you are saying about the external power supply being aligned?

  • Eddie

    I think that he means where the cable plugs into the console.

  • DG

    Yeah, I mean what Eddie said. It may work if your console is not defected. I tried it and have been playing for hours. turned on and off the console 100 times and still fine.

  • km

    hey, i have 3 red lights right when i turn on my xbox 360 and nothing shows up on the screen or anything =, it’s so lame i cannot get it back to green and have tried everything… 🙁

  • jj

    my xbox has 3 red lights and when i turn it on a soft eeping sound comes from the console.!” what does this mean”??

  • Joe

    To both km and jj, know that I have shared your pain, but as long as you call microsoft at 1-800-4-MYXBOX, and explain to them your problem, you should have no problem getting another 360 shipped to you.

    ps: Mine took almost a month to get shipped to me, so just try and be patient

  • Sp

    sorry J I lost internet connection for a few weeks and it turns out I don’t have xbox live gold anymore now I’m silver lol. Well I can’t get help through there cause it won’t let me send messages.

  • jj


  • James

    Well as you may or may not now but the xbox elite is out now. But after reading multipul website on it over the summer i found out something really intresting. Well bout 70% of the websites i went on said that after looking inside of them the notice that the cooling system has been tweaked (think thats how you spell tweaked, lol). So maby theres hope yet for xbox 360 gamers.

    I dont personally own a xbox but my mate does and he hasent had a problem (YET!!) but christmas in a few months so im going to ask for an elite

  • J

    o its all good just go on sp and sign in IF you remember your password btw my email is [email protected] so send me a message

  • Simon Ella

    my xbox broke in April and i still haven’t had it fixed mainly because my warrenty ran out a month before it broke and also because i don’t know a place in the uk where they fix it. mine broke after playing six vegas online and i think its due to a scratched disk or the constant freezing which occured. mine seems to be different to everyone elses because instead of getting the e74 screen i just get a blank screen. does anyone know what that means and does anyone know where in the uk i can get it fixed.

  • JJ


  • Eddie

    If you are getting the 3 red lights, then it really doesn’t matter which screen you are getting (if any). If it is the three red lights, the warranty has been extended to 3 years.

    Microsoft has regional Xbox repair centers around the world. Also, if it is the 3 red lights, microsoft will pay shipping, to their nearest repair center.

  • Carlos

    heres something to try.. I was getting the red lights..
    heres how i fixed it..

    remove hard drive.. clean connector on drive ala nintendo cartridge style (blow on the connectors )

    clean port that drive slots into.. same method..

    Tada no more red lights..

  • jj

    LOOl carlos ure method only works for so long before the xbox breaks down totally. this is really sumfin you could do to keep your xbox working while you are waiting for your tags to send off the xbox!!!

  • John

    My xbox got the infamous 3 red lights on aug 29 ive had it for about 8 months i called the store i bought it from and they told me to find the “error code” and what you do is hold the sync button and the eject and it will give you numbers and mine turn out to be 0020 and thats not known or POSSIBLE overheating and ive called MS and i got a lady thats very hard to understand. went through the normal procedure and she told me that all i need to do is put the bare 360 AND REF NUMBER SERIAL AND THE SHIP BACK ADRESS BUT I WAS WONDERING WHERE TO SHIP IT SHE SAID IT COMES WIT A STICKER SO DO ANY OF YOU HAVE THAT CODE 0020???

  • John

    OH by the way why dont they want you to write xbox on it and keep it a secret does anyone know??!

  • John

    OH by the way why dont they want you to write 360 on it and keep it a secret does anyone know??!

  • Eddie

    Who cares what the error code means. The fact is, it gave you the 3 red lights and Microshaft is going to repair/replace under warranty.

    They are sending you a prepaid shipping label. The address that it ships to is on the label.

    Not writting Xbox or 360 on the box just helps to keep the honest people honest.

  • John

    Yeah it sucks im on the fifth business day and still no box yet i hope they didnt mess up my adress

  • DeadBox

    Hey, just to update you on my xbox 360 being sent in for repair, I was suprised after about two weeks of waiting to recieve a brand spanking new xbox in the post with a letter of apology and one of those 1 month free Live Gold supscription cards as a complimentary, mine must have been toast! But thats not the best part! Upon opening the package I noticed straight away that there was a hard drive attached to the xbox! As I was told to strip everything off the xbox, including my hard drive, so it could be sent in for repair, I now have an extra brand new hard drive complimentary of good old MS…..Not sure if they new about it or not? but who cares? I now have an extra hard drive 🙂
    Nice one Microsoft, I’m actually glad I sent it in for repair now…..

  • carlos

    well…. it didnt last long.

    ah well least there is free repair..but it takes forever

  • DG

    Hey, I have had my xbox 360 elite for about a month now. I used it alot. Maybe 5 hours a day since I got it. I use to have the original xbox 360 and had no problems. Well my xbox 360 elite worked fine until last night. I was playing need for speed most wanted and all of a sudden after the cut scene of being arrested it froze, I had to shut off the console. I then played it again for two hours and it worked fine. today I played most wanted for two hours and am using the system for music and it is working perfectly. Should I worry? Is it normal for consoles to freeze rarely. My PS3 froze 3 times within the first 2 months that I had it when I would watch a blu-ray. It hasn’t froze since then and I have had the PS3 since the week it came out.

  • sp

    If it only happened once and then worked perfectly after that I wouldn’t worry much about it. Even if it does brake down on you just take advantage of the 3 month warranty.

    EMAIL [email protected] [email protected]


    MY 360 IS DEAD!!! WHAT THE HELL IM PISSED! I GET OFF WORK COME HOME WANT TO PLAY HALO BUT THE 3 RED LIGHTS ARE ON… did anyone try the costco thing if so let me know thats where i bought mine

  • Eddie

    Instead of posting blind, why not skim through this thread. You will find plenty of info about “the COSTCO thing”.

  • I tried all of the methods mentioned in this thread and others. What ended up working were the instructions in this guide. It was really easy once I started.

    Just thought I’d share. 🙂

  • frustratedXbox

    I am now on my third xbox. I have had two episodes of ROD. I just got my new xbox yesterday. I had time to play it today for about 2 hours. I rented a game and was gonna play tonight, however i turn on the console and see the ROD again. I did all the stupid turn off/disconnect crap procedures but still the ROD remains. I just got the damn xbox back and poof its dead. i was happy the xbox came back before halo3 came out, but hell it doesn’t matter now. very disappointed

  • h8tbnrippedoff

    classaction law suit bill has enough money all ready plus they come out with the elite just when your tired of the red ringgs of doomBBBBBBBBSSSSSSS

  • Kristian

    There was a update for my 360 console and i did it and right after it finished my 360 turned off!!.After i turned it back on again 3 red lights flashing and i dont know what to do.!!.

  • mine was in the docks of microsoft on september 11 which i thought may give me slight hope of getting it before halo3. So i get my first email today saying that they got it TODAY!!!! im pretty furious now that ups got it there ten days before they even bothered 2 look at the damn thing. To make things worse i dont have the serial # to track it madd friends of mine just got it and im not there to play with them. Well i didnt pre order kick-ass halo 3 to not be able 2 play it so i might buy a core and give it 2 sum1 or return it when mine comes in. but i mean of all the damn times to break!! and then they waste ten days leavin it in there wharehous!!thanx a lot microsoft

  • Kristian

    sry man that must rlly suck.Im still very confused and still no answer.

  • John

    well My 360 got 3 rd lights on august 29th.I called MS today and they said theyre givin me a refurb i think thats kinda stupid cuz the refurbs probly gonna break soon too well i wonder whats gonna happen but itll take another 3-5 days for it to get to my house
    By the way did anyof u guys track ur 360 while it was comin back?
    if so what was the place it said it was supposed to be shipped to?
    mine was elk city,Ok,Us but i live in California so idk why

  • dave

    yeah so i got the elite last week and have been playing about 5-6 hours a day between me and my roomates and today will playing rainbow six vegas, the red ring of death started blinkin. this is the fucking elite and the problem should have been taken car of. i keep my system upright for more air and the power supply on a flat surface. ive had my PS3 since the day it came out and havent had any problems, but i also havent watched any blue-ray movies. so if ur thinkin about switching to the ELITE, think twice cause its just a lot more money for the same problems u had before, but u do get the 120 gig harddrive, but it doesnt make a difference if u cant play enough to use the space.

  • junyard

    hey guys i need your help…my xbox 360 is manufactured august of 2006…i just wanted to know if the 3 red light defect still happends on consoles manufactured on aug. 2006. thanks!

  • Eddie

    3 red lights happens on all xbox 360’s to include the Elite.

  • DG

    Not to brag but I haven’t had any problems with my 360 elite after the ones I have mentioned. I guess I am lucky.

  • Eddie

    I hope that your luck holds out. Others have already had this problem with the Elite. I had a first day 360 and it lasted over a year, before it went tango uniform.

  • junyard

    so guys, even if i make a fan (as in an electric fan) directly face my unit while playing, it wont make any difference? Also, have you heard any 360 owners who haven’t experienced any thing even after owning it for a long time? thanks a lot!

  • martyn

    I have had my xbox 369 for a good lot of months everything was working fine untill i came home today and i was playing lost planet and it frooze and then three red lighs started flashing and i really want to get this fixed but i dont know how to ?

  • Putt-Putt

    Someone told me that the 3 Red Lights are caused by overheating of the console. In that case, since the Elite is “black,” it would attract more heat as we all know.

    So, does the Xbox 360 Elite still encounter 3 red lights?

  • Daz

    i had my xbox360 for 1year now and jus resently it started freezing with all my games then one day 3 red lights and one redy green

    iv looked on various forums and heard it has to be shipped away to get fixed is this right plz post one bak someone thanks

  • Rob O Canada

    Hey guys, my name is rob, i am a program writer for a few small businesses. I have been looking into this ” Red Ring of Death ” and have somewhat of an explanation. It is a general failure of microsofts original software that runs the basic operations of the xbox, not unlike that of a home desktop. The failure is brought on through an unidentified deterioration of data which is sped up tremendously by the use of xbox live and its infamous updates. This can be repaired by clearing your box’s memory cache which simply un-does any effects done by any and all updates. To begin this process you will need to bring up the xbox 360 dashboard.{ yes i understand the current problem prevents the xbox from turning on, be persistant it will give in eventually.} Secondly switch it over to the system blade and select the memory function. bring the curser over the HDD icon and enter the following buttons. X,X,LB,RB,X,X . I then suggest you to restart your console to ensure the process has taken effect. If you have any related questions please email me at my personal address of [email protected]

  • Jay Jagpal

    Hi – I suddenly had the same problem.

    This is my second xbox now – the first was first generation. The ring of death was an intermittent problem and gradually died. On that one – i performed the tea towel trick and had another 4 months of play from it. Now – I was playing Call of Duty 4. It crashes all the time with that game – if you read the posts, i had the same issue as another guy with the check coming on the screen. After restarting it, it was fine and i continued to play. The last time it happened – I was two seconds into COD4 and it froze. since then – Ring of Death. and its different now. there’s no thinking about it – its an instant dismissal from anything you try. I have no alternative but to send it back to the shop.

    I honestly can’t understand why its the more demanding games that produce the error. Call of Duty 4, Gears of War…

  • Eddie

    This one could be heat related. The more demanding a game is, the hotter the processors get. COD4 puts a large demand on the GPU and the CPUs.

    I have a couple games on my PC that would cause heat alarms on the graphics card. I had to upgrade the GPU cooler, to resolve this.

  • Jay Jagpal

    sure sure. I could understand this with PC’s differences in architecture and the advances in gaming platforms constitute a demise in efficiency. yet – the simple factor remains. The 360 is a solid based platform. no need to worry about whos got what card – as building a game for a singe unit, allows for complete compatibility for all. Inevitably some may work better than other – depending on where the box is placed – firmware upgrades and general care of the device. But should the box simply shut off at the mere whiff of an attempt to use the full capabilities of the hardware. Its like saying “Here’s the worlds most ultimate bike. Its got 92 gears. Looks like a dream and go up 70% climbs. But if you sit on it – YOU’LL SIMPLY DIE!!!”

    just not fair….

  • Eddie

    You’ve overlooked the obvious. This is a Microsoft product. You know, the same people that gave us Windows and introduced us to the Blue Screen Of Death. So, why should the 360 be any better than their original product line?

  • Eddie

    Of course, that being said, (like Windows) the 360 is still better than the competition. At least when it’s working (yet again, like Windows).

  • daniel

    i waz playin halo 2 the other day and i decided to play online and of course it asked me for a update or whatever and i did but of course no one is on halo 2 they all hav halo 3 basterds….lol anyways i get off and about a week later i turned my 360 on but the three red lights came on every time i turned it on then, for about 3 days the lights stopped but it froze about 3min into the movie everytime then the next time i tried it off course the red lights come bak up please respond if this has happend to you or u no anythink i can do ty =)

  • daniel

    sorry guys it doesnt really freeze it goes like chekered i have the same problem with jayjagpal with his post on the 1st of december hope that helps and please respond

    u knoe what really suks i just got halo 3 when it froze >.<

  • daniel

    ummm this prob wont be any help but right now i just thought i downloaded a update from HALO 2 maybe its old kind of programming screws with ure 360 i dont no but its worth i try to deleete memory or sumthin but as i waz just saying i just thought it probably wont work

  • daniel

    hehe me again sorry to keep botherin u guys but whats the number for ppl to call to get them to fix ure xbox

  • Jay Jagpal

    0800 587 1102 << for UK. << support site

    Saying that – a friend of mine had three lights on his first gen – He was within warrenty and all was fine. But no help was given – They offered to fix his console for £70 – He told them to sod off. He did buy himself another one. Great spending that !!!

    I’m not going to bother with them, I’m going to try my one year shop warrenty – if that doesn’t work, purchase a 4th Gen. They don’t have these issues any longer as they has a new CPU type and cooling. Plus – It’d be nice to have an elite like all my friends.

    I Could do with someones help!!!

    I want to get back on my warrenty, problem is – I modded it (Simply painted it a beautiful guitar like sunburst effect. Red fading to black) Any way. I’m not sure if the shop’ll take it back.

    I’ll give someone some money if I can have their orignial white casement. You can have my modded one –

    Any offers?

  • LoBo

    Hi guys I have found a permanent, free solution for the xbox 360s 3 red lights of death. It only takes about 20 seconds and if it doesn’t work it doesn’t void your warranty because you don’t even need to open your box up! I didn’t believe it at first until I tried it, my friends laughed their heads off lol..
    Anyway check it out here

    Quickest way is just search for ‘shawn’ he is the guy who explains how it works and how to do it.! Game on brothers!

  • Keston

    Microsoft is gonna lose me as a customer. That’s for sure. Just bought it and after two weeks, bam! Red lights appear. I didn’t update it or anything. Don’t know what to do. Thank goodness I finished playing Halo 3 before it happened…

  • Jay Jagpal

    Well – you one of the few lucky ones. Brought it from the shop? 2 weeks in your getting a new one without quibble. Like I said to all – new gen 360 no longer have these problems. I’m forcing my girlfriend to buy me one – I’m threatening her with constant…[Edited for the kids!] if she doesn’t… She said she wouldn’t Good or Bad?! 😛

  • Danny

    same thing happened 2 me. can u email me that number?

  • Jay Jagpl

    From xbox help website….

    Assistance by phone:

    0800 587 1102

    or +44 20 7365 9792 from a mobile phone

    Hearing Impaired (TTY device):
    0800 587 1103

    Hours of operation:
    Monday-Friday: 09:00-22:00
    Saturday: 09:00-20:00
    Sunday: 09:00-17:00

  • Jay Jagpl

    This is UK… Forgot to say

  • sailesh

    omg ok its the updates that shit is shit. literally. the fucking put viruses and all that shit in it so that u pay to fix it. and this is gay. strait from the 360 website they said that they were proud to sat that the 2nd gen 360 only had a 3 red lite percentage of %30 to %50. HAPPY PROUD,omg thats gay. and 1st gen was nearly %80. even the fucking elite had a %25 chance of 3 red lites. advice: if u buy a 360, its got a 3 year warrenty so its good. even if u want get a store warrenty for after that and if u do make sure u can get a new 360 for free.

  • sailesh

    i dunno this is weird but i was tryingg to possibly blow some debris out of the back of the 360 and it had a weird wet smell. i put the 360 in my basement and i live in canada(basements unfinished) so that might me the reason. u guys smell somein in ur 360 like its wet??? OH YA, FUCK U BILL GATES U MAKE SHIT 360S



  • pissed off dude

    i was playin gears and my mum told me 2 come off it. i sed ok and played on it for another hour and half.
    i held down the middle button while still on gears to turn of xbox. it worked. then about ten minuets later i wnted to watch a dvd so i turned xbox on..
    the three lights looking right at me. i just thought that
    it was just an error. i restarted it and it dont work.
    i havent told my mum but when i do she will be pretty pissed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay Jagpal

    Yes well – I guess all the kinks have been ironed out now. I’ve got a 4th gen Arcade version – Its pretty sweet. It has all the new updates – so pretty much no reason why it should die and it only cost £150. Which is good money I think.

  • G_Dub

    GUYS ITS EASY TO FIX PERMANENTLY _ put it in the microwave for 20 seconds and it fixes it.
    Go here for proof

  • i cant stand it

    you no what i think they are trying to steal our money the are the cause of this red light what were they thinking and the updates to the mess up your consoles if a had a chance i would sue them. i just got my 360 today and i was all hyped up to play some few games turned it on nothing but 3rd of death i was so angry called them and i am getting a new in two weeks. I mean if your gonna make some game make good with out making owners suffer waiting for you i mean every should get a new console cause you cant keep on always send your 360 to them and the same thing happens i mean i wanna play halo 3 but i cant not cool. by the way does anyone know where the fix 360 ‘s for cheap.

  • Eddie

    How are they trying to steal our money, if they extended the warranty to 3 years?

    If you just got your 360 today, why didn’t you just take it back to where you bought it. You could have exchanged it there and been playing your games now. Going the warranty repair route, you will be lucky to have a rebuilt console in a month.

  • class action

    This is shit. The problems are being caused by the software patches for their bullshit games and downloads of the demos. I have a fucking tv from fuckin 1985 that still works, these cock suckers have a responsibility to stand behind this piece of shit. The alternative is an ugly truth that this is deliberate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gas is too high fool give me my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eddie

    All of your swearing only belittles yourself.

    They have nothing to gain, so why would it be deliberate? With the extended warranty, Microsoft looses money, each time one fails and has to be shipped back.

    The only thing deliberate is the lack of proper testing, before a patch is released.

  • class action

    exactly brain. if they release the patch it is the same as releasing a drug on an unsuspecting public whho are literraly dyin!! FOR A CURE ie. without proper testing and spproval by the FDA. The fact’s are that xbox and 360 games are not compatible and that was an error which should have been fixed prior to relese. Instead we eager unfortunate souls are funding thier RD dept’s like asses waiting to be raped. Oh and by the way let’s calculate intelligence. If I keep your money ie. $400 times lets say for a small number 100,000 that’s 40,000,000 for those who aren’t following that’s 40 million dallars average that by three monthes of use 90 days…. how much money do you think can be made in the market before I have to return it…..wait I won’t returning it ever….and by the way how many 360 were sold genius…hmmmm….so is the money that I will earn worth the blow back from a consumer who can never recoup their funds. YEAH. phen-phen eddie educate yourself

  • Eddie

    OK, if the system is as bad as you claim, let’s look are real numbers, not your imagination.

    You buy the console for $400. The store gets $50. It cost microsoft about $150 to make it and package it. So, they have $200 profit. Now it breaks and they have to pay round trip shipping ($20 each way). So, now they are at $160 profit. Now they have to pay the guys to fix it (about another $30). So, now they are at $130 profit.

    OK, so it really is as bad as you claim, so another software patch causes it to break again. They repair it under warranty again. Now they are down to $70 in profit.

    Microsoft doesn’t write the patch either. The company that made the game writes the patch.

  • class action

    loose logic ed. you did not speak to volume or resposibility. you are either an employee for them or an ostrich. pull ur head out of the sand.

  • DGJ23

    I had the Xbox 360 elite for 5 month and it got the 3 rings of death last week. I didn’t download any updates or played any games for a while. I barely used that thing. During the time that it worked it froze on me 3 times. Well finally last weekend I wanted to watch my downloaded south park episodes and the system kept freezing on me. Then the rings of death showed up. I ended up selling the console along with the HD dvd player for $200. I had the original Xbox that would always freeze. I also Got tired of the fact that I couldn’t play all my original games. I was on my 3rd Xbox 360. I give up on Xboxes. Ill just stick to my PS3 and Wii which never have had any problems. My cousin works at Best Buy in customer service and he says he gets returns on Xbox 360 every day that he works because of the rings of death. He said only two PS3’s came in during the month of January and That he never seen a Wii being returned.

    Than another thing, Since I have about 100 HD DVD movies. So I buy a Toshiba HD DVD player and it starts to Freeze during the middle of some movies. I am on My third model for the HD DVD player. The Xbox 360 HD DVD player was flawless. Now I am going to have to try LG’s Super Blue player or Samsungs Universal combo player to see if I can watch HD DVDs Peacefully. If I cant, I will know why HD DVD failed although I loved the format.

  • Kevaz

    Well mine has been freezing ever since I bought Guitar Hero and started using the wireless connectivity button.

    Yesterday I tried Halo 3 and BANG 3 red lights. Now everytime i boot it I get 3 red lights. I’m not Impressed this is my 9th XBOX 360. I don’t even know If I should bother with a 10th. I already have a nice stable PS3 that works nicely.

    Convienently my 12 month warranty expired on Febuary the 2nd.

    I’m demanding repair for free. If I don’t get that then I’ll just make a nice video of PS3 vs 360 where I end up smashing up the 360. Like It’s already broke anyway so yeah. I’ve had the damn PS3 longer than all 9 360’s.

    1600 pounds for 10 consoles? No thank you.

  • drake

    yea i got them 4 days ago asked to get it fixed and they said that they would send me a box to send back to them asap and still waiting for it if any one know how long it takes to get the box please reply.

    • you won’t get a box you got to get your own box that what happen to me when i got the 3 red lights for my xbox360

  • Bill

    Continued Xbox 360 problems:
    I have been in computers and gaming from the beginning, I mean the beginning. I built my first machine before the MITS Altair. I even have MS BASIC on punch tape. I met the boy Gates before his wealth. I am not a young fellow, my coding days are in the past, but I still love my game machines. Of course I have custom assembled a tweaked PC for gaming, but I also like a dedicated console. Along many computers, I have owned, and still own, just about every game system made. I have an original working tabletop PAC Man among other things. I have a Moded Xbox that I keep in repair and working condition (new laser cannon, etc) with the HD loaded with MAME and other game machine emulators. Great machine for its time, they just aren’t making any more or new games for it. Like us all, I want the current gen. machine for serious gamers. I have waited over 2 years for Microsoft to correct the problems with the 360 console.
    These consoles are not cheap and represent no small investment in these questionable economic times. With much persuasion I finally convinced the wife to tolerate the purchase. This was no small task! Thinking that alls well by now, I ordered one from On Feb.22, 2008 I received my new Xbox360. The console box showed a manufacturing date of 23Oct, 2007. I can’t tell you how much I was impressed by its looks, smell, feel, playing and everything about my new love. My wife was jealous, the first week I would have slept with it if I could. I played the shit out of Carbon (not as good as Most Wanted) during that week to 88% completion among other things. At some point IT did a console update online, which I did not request, to my knowledge. Then, at the beginning of week two I started to get a screen freeze at exactly the same place at the end of a two-stage difficult race. Tried another game disk… same thing. Then the screen freeze started when another game started to load a racecourse. When game demos started to freeze I called Microsoft support. I went through the full tech support knowledge base with them over three days with no solution other than to send me a box so I can send my 1 1/2 wk old machine in for repairs. With shipping time for their box, my return shipment to them, their repair and return time, we are actually 5-6 weeks!!!! THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR A 1 WEEK OLD MACHINE. I tried to reason with them that this was a new machine and that they should cross ship me a new one if I gave them a credit card number as assurance for the return of the defective one. NO WAY! It did not matter to whom I spoke, supervisors etc that was the way it was. In disgust I informed her that I would just return the damn thing to the store for a refund and that they and MS can work it out. After getting online and reading the various blogs and threads I tried all the solutions with the power brick, separate correctly polarized outlet, machine in the open and orientation with no success. At this point I deleted my gamer profiles completely (loosing my game saves). Same thing… freeze! The 3-year extended warranty only covers the Ring of Death. So, I’m left with the repair cost for this kind of problem after 1 year, even if caused by THEIR UPDATE. That’s Garbage!!! Truthfully, I expect MANY YEARS of trouble free use of my game machine after the warranty. MS updates in the PC world, in the past, have caused many problems. Lockups on the 360 are a major problem. After reading of the continued hardware problems, in the many sites addressing these issues, now in March 2008 after more than two years in which to fix them, I made the painful decision to return my machine for a refund to Wal-Mart, despite Microsoft sending me a return mailer so I can wait a month or more for a repair. Even though I won’t do it, I feel like sending them a fired-clay brick back in their coffin shipment box so they can see if they can screw that up! I will not take the risk of the Wal-Mart 90-day refund policy expiring before getting stuck in the never-ending cycle of machine repairs with the 360. In all my years I have never seen such a fiasco with a console nor have I ever had to even return one for any reason. The lady at the return desk at the neighborhood Wal-Mart stated that they were getting many, many Xbox360’s back because of freezing issues. As usual with Microsoft’s practice with its OS, release a product before its ready and let the consumer debug it at his expense, not ur paid staff!!!! I do believe that MS is too deep in the production cycle to have the financial motivation to correct the many serious issues with the 360. Even though it is a loss. they have already allocated the $1B fund to sustain the repairs on the already produced faulty consoles. Their actions seem to be nothing but stopgap measures, even with the heavy losses, until the retirement of this platform even though they have no reticence in continuing to produce and sell faulty consoles. As such, I do not expect to see a bug free 360. They are not going to redesign the architecture of a faulty console design in mid to late life cycle at this point. Consumer beware! It’s not a matter of IF but WHEN you’re 360 will fail! This isn’t going away! You will live with this as long as you will have you’re 360!
    As I stare at an empty space where my 360 sat and the useless games I now have I have a heavy heart and an empty hole in my stomach. For a serious gamer, the PS3 is not the machine as the 360, just as the PS2 to the Xbox. I cannot go that route. So, for me the disappointment is great. For now my gaming is over until the next generation of machines appear and have had time to show their flaws. My respect for MS in the console gaming arena is now on par with that which I hold for them in the OS world. As for Microsoft, why don’t you sell the whole DAMN console division to a company that is committed to upholding its good reputation and cares about its products and customers? Even with the console funds refunded, I still invested in shipping cost and games. I will take a cash loss on virtually new games when recycled to GameStop. I doubt that I will ever again take the risk with another MS machine.

    “To mess up a Linux box… You need to work at it;
    To mess up a Windows box… You need to work with it.”

  • Mark

    Same for me also. Son as I booted on the 360 this evening..greeted by the now “traditional” 3 red lights.

    Hmm..never had this problem with the PS2. Beginning to wonder which is superior.

  • Tom

    I was playing Smackdown vs Raw 08 then the screen got a little weird but the game was still working so i shut it off to fix the screen then sumthing went wrong and now i have the lights and my 360 only 9 months old

  • Tom

    and i just started using xbox live 3 weeks im very pissed

  • corey

    Well shit I just sent mine hopefully my repaired one will be good maybe

  • OlDirtMcBert

    MLB 2k8 FRIED my console, but ironically, my console had been freezing up for about 1/2 a year. It’d happen in most 2K games as I’m a sports game freak, and happened every once-in-a-while with EA games. Halo3 never froze, not even once. I’d usually just shut it off and start over-same as Nintendo back in the day, which worked just fine, until tonight. I played one game on franchise mode (Cincy for Ken Griffey Jr’s sake), then the 3 red lights ruined my lovely baseball fantasies. I know for a fact I’ll have to pay the full price because my warranty is over the time limit, but is it really worth fixing? I definately don’t want to go through this again. I want my Sega Dreamcast back!!! I miss nba 2k and ready to rumble… Bass Fishin’ was pretty sweet too… I guess I’ll just have to spend $15 for a new fishing licence and go out for the real thing in the mean time, but I’m not sure I’ve got the patience any more… Thanks MS…aholes.

  • Pissedoffguy

    Well hello. Unfortunately, these 3 little buggers have nifested my 360 aswell, straight after some “xbox360 system update” because last night, my CoD4 Game of the year was working fine, and this morning, i turn it on and it doesnt work.
    Ive had my 360 for 2 years, pretty much straight after it came out, so i think im going to have to pay the full price, but is it worth it??

  • I just got my first 360 3 days ago.Plugged it in worked fine.Next day 3 ####in red lights. I got a New elite 360 today and had 3 red lights but now it’s back to workin fine. Should i keep it or get a new 1? as far as i can tell so far the 360’s have a big ####in problem I’m going to call EB games tommorrow mornin and see what they say to do. Don’t buy 360’s from Walmart most r pieces of krap.
    Keep me informed of what i should do…

  • DGJ23

    So the Xbox 360 is still having problems. i was going to buy one again for obsolete HD DVD but I guess Ill stick with buying the Samsung Combo player. I can get it for $430. My PS3 and Wii still work perfectly. I actually have 2 PS3s now. Both work perfectly.

  • My son just laid down 460 for a 360 with 2 games and an xtra controler,on Monday, May 12. Today, May 16th, he got the red rings of death. 4 f$&$ing days. The last thing he did was download a NHL2008 roster list. Luckly, he got it at BestBuy, and shelled out an additional 60 for the BestBuy warrentee.

    After reading this, I think Best Buy is going to get sick of him over the next 2 years. I want to see if he can beat the guy with 9 bad 360’s. Amazing history listed on this blog. I guess the bottom line here is get the store warrentee to cover your gaming costs. He had his new box in an hour after the thing failed.

    Good luck to all, we will be checking back! Peace!

  • 360 RING OF BS!

    I was about to play some Madden 08 and what do you know! I got the damn 3 red flashing lights! This is my second box, the first one I had same problem! I had to send it to get repaired and they couldn’t fix it so they sent me a brand new Xbox 360 which i have had and played on and off til now. It’s been fine and all. Freezes now and then but worked most of the time. It is very frustrating! I didn’t update anything, in fact it started up this morning and froze a few times so I just turned it off but now with the 3 red lights! It’s a bit ridicules!
    I hope can get it fixed soon
    damn microsoft

  • what about Bob

    Hey it happen to me to with the 2K and EA sports games.
    This 3 red lights is fucked up!
    what the hell microsoft!

  • jay jagpal

    This site should really consider truncating these posts now. Needless to say – I have had the same problem… twice. You may even find my post’s of explicitness somewhere in this myriad of anger. However – I am happy to announce on my 4th xbox (the first one was a gift so i didn’t count it in the cost of loss…) I have had no issues. It works fine – Sticking my old one in a bag for a while worked and later… cooked it. The third, I lovengly voided the warrenty by adding a beautiful custom paint job (seriously guys. Think fender sunburst for Xbox!) And this one – the 4th generation xbox chipset. Not an issue. Still noisy but all swimming.

    COD4 screams for an xbox so it calls to me. Good EH!

  • Jay: It’s funny you mention truncating. I’m in the process of implementing paged comments, so there will only be 15-20 comments per page. Comments will be searchable as well so you can hopefully find a specific comment you’re looking for.

    WordPress just wasn’t made to have this many comments on a single post. Hopefully the paged comments will make information a little easier to find.

  • myles

    hi guys i sent it 2 microsoft twice it comes back with three red lights every time, i then take my xbox apart by the fix it guide, it started with 3 red lights before when it would come on the dashboard and would freeze but now it does not even do that, now that i have took the xbox apart and put it back together again now my xbox is fucked nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris

    what does it mean if u dont get the red lights on the console and never have, but one day u dont get lights at all cause u dont get power. the power supply has a red light though, unplug it from the 360 and it is amber, plug it back in its red again and 360 wont come on.

  • Brian

    Yea guys i only have the 4th light blinking. can anyone let me know what that means, i would appreciate it.

  • johnH

    i got the three red lights, then called microsoft and then they did the trouble shooting with me (the thing where i remove the harddrive and such) and then it worked! its been working for about 2days now. but microsoft is sending me a box to put it in to send it back to them. what should i do? will the three red lighs happen to me again? should i send it back just to make sure? help please

  • Jay Jagpal

    80% chance it will happen again.
    90% chance they’ll take forever…

    When the box comes, don’t send the xbox straight away. Wait for a while, if you see the ring of death – post it. As even if you had the xbox with a ring of death you can’t use it.. So you can’t miss it!

  • Skip

    Well my 360 is about 2 years old and has just started locking up. It started on Conan. I had one set of the dreaded 3 red lights. I shut it down and have not got them again but it is still locking up on bioshock and Halo 3. So I guess I will try the trouble shooting techniques and hope.

  • denis

    Hi 2 all players,i write all the comm.and i can say is looking bad.
    I got no ancer fo the 3 red light,this mean we are F… whit xBOX360,i have same problem whit him, i have play Devil My Cry 4,after update is what we all know:3REDLIGHT…

  • sadam

    Brain cheak your leads in the back of your xbox make sure they are all in right, but u may have a broken av cable if the cables are in right and still does not work.

  • johnH

    thanks jay
    still working now tho
    and i got the box
    gonna wait a little longer to see about the red lights
    and what a shame
    i want to rent alone in the dark
    but last time i rented two 12dollar games (kayne and linch and assasins creed) the graphics card broke down before i could play them
    so its a tricky one

  • Jake

    Hey everybody. I have the same “3 red lights” problem. This is what happened to me. I had a couple of friends over to play rockband. I decided to take a break for awhile and play my guitar while the other 3 friends played. My rockband game is scratched and messes up occasionally, so when this happened, one of those friends opened the drive to fix it. Somehow, in the process of opening the drive, he managed to hit the power button twice really fast or something (I’m going by what the other friend told me he did). After this happened, the xbox remained on, but froze and started blinking red. The dumbass trying to fix the game unplugged the fucking power supply without turning off the box completely first…TWICE! We turned it back on, and it was running great while my little bro played it. We went out to get some grub and came back to find the 3 red lights on and the screen black. Same problem you are all having here. Did it overheat? I don’t think so…but perhaps it could have. I’ve tried switching out hardrives and power supplies and cables with my friend’s xbox. Nothing works. Never had any trouble in the past. I’m going to look into it further, but I’ll probably end up sending it in to get repaired…considering whether or not it costs anything. I don’t want to waste money on something thats just gonna fuck up again. I may switch to ps3. Microsoft sucks!!!!

  • I didn’t read everyone’s replies, so hopefully this don’t sound like 40 other replies. Don’t tell MS, but my trouble seemed to start after a thunderstorm shut off my power during gameplay. After that my rear USB stopped working, then I got screen freezes, usually followed by RoL issue. Wait a few, reboot and repeat cycle. It seems to only happen once the GPU kicks into 3D render mode (dashboard seems fine, although it did freze a few times on the 360 Splash Screen). I have a coffin at home now- My question is even though I DO get the RRoD it is after “some” game play (like less than a minute), is that considered under the umbrella of RRoD, or are they going to plug it in, see green and charge me for a repair? Does the RRoD HAVE to be constant as in from a cold start?

  • Kagey

    Well, I’ve read and tried all the “fixes” without any lasting sucess.
    Red checkerboard came first ten the red ring of death.
    My final fix, throw it down the stairs, let it hit the concrete floor in the basement then, if it doesn’t work after that 😮 it’s off to te recycle center (aka the garbage)
    If the 360 is out the door then that will be the last Microsoft related item in my house. Because of constant BS with Vista, I became a Mac user and would never go back to Windows again. Gonna clean house of Microshaft crap!

  • Kagey,
    UM, Send it back to MS! I don’t know what your excuse for NOT doing that would be, unless its stolen. Like i said – MY XBOX IS FROM DAY ONE and its still covered under this new RRoD warranty, so what’s your reasons? And as for Vista, sorry dude, but I was a hater too, but now that I was (given) a PC with Vista on it, I’ve had zero issues, but then my devices are only 3-4 yrs old, not ancient…

  • Mac

    I got it today after updating nhl09. Shouldn’t all of this point toward a OS brick as with the PSP’s and Pc’s and what not? Even though they reffere to these three red lights beeing the GPU, it can’t be when it functioned just until the updates are installed. Way annoying. Not able to play, and what to do. Must be a way to fix it without shipping it in and loosing months of fun with the box…

  • hey i doubt anyone will see this but i hope someone can help or point me in the right direction k first off i didnt buy this xbox 360 it was actaully given to me but anyway the same thing happened to the xbox it has the 3 death lights or w/e lol and it sounds like there is something rattling around inside the console i doubt there is a warranty since i got it for free i have no one to turn to should i experiment and try to fix myself? if so explain how plz or would i be better off jus talkin it in 4 repairs? i hope i dont have to get a new 1 plz if any1 knows of what i speak of plz comment or notify me

  • here is a way to get a hold of me [email protected] or an thats bout it thanx

  • Corey,

    Go on and register it (all you need is the serial on the back) then go to support and open a support ticket, choose RRoD and you’ll be fine. As of right now EVERY Xbox360 is still under RRod warranty.

  • sammy

    I got my xbox 360 new and the next thing was the three red lights. Pls help

  • Eddie

    two choices. If you just got it, take it back to where you got it. Most stores will exchange it for up to 30 days. If you’ve had it for some time or if someone gave it to you, then call XBOX and get it repaired/replaced under the RROD warranty.

  • boo70

    My sons xbox which he got as a present, had the three red rings appear and he could not play it any more!! I phoned microsoft and it was just days out of warrenty. So like some of you i looked everywhere for a guide to getting it fixed at a relativly cheap price. I came across this site and for just under £12.oo brought the repair guide which was great and i followed the guide and the x box has green lights again! This is the cheapest guide i found that actually works.

  • Eddie

    It shouldn’t have been out of warranty for RROD. All XBOX 360s are still covered under that warranty.

  • bixass

    Wel i got one tpday on my first day. I played a bit of kung fu panda on it. then got an update and i created my xbox live account. after that cam and updat…I turned my xbox down and went outside, when I was back the 3 reds were allready flashing and raping my xbox

  • Eddie

    well, if it is your first day, then take it back to the store and get an exchange.

  • JOhn

    i downloaded an update for mlb 2k7. i was playing it for about 1 hour and then the piece of shit froze on me and i see three red lights… im telling you its the xbox live updates doing the harm.

  • JOhn

    i just tried the towel trick… i wrapped my xbox in 5 towels and let it run for half an hour or so untill the three red lights turned to two red lights. I let it cool for half an hour and when i turned it on it actually worked. i dont know if this will last very long but the towel trik worked for me!

  • wee ass

    my xbox is a piece of shit

  • zak from morocco

    I’ve just an x box 360 for about 20 days, so i’m already facing red light problems, but this time they stay on pemanently, so i don’t even know exactly what’s the solution especially in a country that doesn’t have a Microsoft home for clients! so if anyone of you guys having the same issue please let me know the bottom lign of the solution required! thanks

  • DG

    I got a solution. A PS3. I had like 3 Xbox 360s get rings of death. i had my PS3 and Wii since december of 2006 and never had a problem with them. PS3 may not have halo of other games but to me games are games. Shouldn’t base a life on games anyways.

  • DG

    get a plan a best buy. supposedly you can return it every time it gets messed up and they will swap it right away. You can even upgrade by paying the difference.

  • Having read all of these comments, apart from the fact that the Xbox has stability issues, I noticed that some people have had problems within the warranty period, What are you doing on here? If that is the case, get the thing replaced.

    I certainly hope that Microsoft make serious improvments with the next version.

  • Dear admin; i conclude you are a [email protected] motherfocker stoopid sh1t. I despise you for the racist things you say in your blog!! LONG LIVE THE TURKISH FEDERATION!!!

  • DeStRoYeR 21 54

    Yeah I just accually had it today so i quickly unplugged it and pluged it back in but it happened again about 25 seconds after and it turned off on its own. so i turned it on again and it worked perfectly for another hour and then i had to leave…. i think it’s ok but idk for sure

  • roxky

    Yeah I just accually had it today so i quickly unplugged it and pluged it back in but it happened again about 25 seconds after and it turned off on its own. so i turned it on again and it worked perfectly for another hour and then i had to leave…. i think it’s ok but idk for sure