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Xbox 360 Freezing? Let Your Power Supply Breathe!

I had tons of problems with my Xbox 360 after I got it setup. First I had three red lights on the Ring of Light. After getting that fixed, my screen would freeze before the Xbox 360 dashboard would fully load. Eventually I got into Need For Speed: Carbon, but the Xbox 360 would freeze after a minute or less of gameplay. I also witnessed the E71 error message a couple times, fun fun. Microsoft has a page dedicated to freeze issues, although it didn’t prove to be much help in my situation. There are some good troubleshooting tips in there though.

Eventually, I was able to get my Xbox 360 to download an update from Microsoft. After the update was downloaded and applied, I had a totally stable Xbox 360. Downloading the update didn’t seem to work for everyone though. This guy claims his Xbox 360 started freezing after he downloaded the update.

I neglected to discuss the most popular method for fixing Xbox 360 freeze issues. There’s a very simple solution to prevent your xbox power supply from overheating. All you have to do is ensure your Xbox 360 power supply has proper ventilation. Don’t tuck it away back in a corner under a pile of dirty clothes or anything. Keep it out in the open, and let it see as much air as possible. Some people have turned to setting their Xbox 360 power supplies on top of an open box, that way there’s very little surface area touching anything. Setting the power supply on top of an open box will allow better air movement and will ensure air is able to move under the power supply, an area air wouldn’t normally reach if your power supply is just sitting on the ground. There’s some pictures of this method at the GameSpot forums, along with some other Xbox 360 Fixes. Unlimited Gamer has some more information on this method also. Blogcritics has a pretty good post covering a couple different solutions to fixing your Xbox 360 freeze problems.

One of the methods mentioned at the GameSpot forums that you should have your Xbox 360 plugged directly into a wall, not into a power strip or anything. Even if it is in the wall already, it might help to unplug your power supply from the wall for a few seconds and then plug it back in.

Well, now what?

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  • Mark

    How did you solve the red light problem i cant even get past the boot stage to download the update

    • biggyclops

      x clip fix worked for me yesterday (had my screen freeze and crash then getting the RROD). cost me 6 bucks in parts at the local hardware store (basically 8 5mmx16 philips screws,16 nylon washers, and 24 metal ones) some sites have different amounts of washers but the main thing is the screws.. for me 5×16 was long enough to help with screwing it back in.. in all it took me about an hour and it works without a hickup

  • Dimitar Tanov

    What other solutions to the freeze problem are there? I’ve tried removing all the accessories, removed the HDD and even formatted the HDD to see if that’s the issue. None of this worked. If I elevate the power supply and nothing it doesn’t work, what else can I do apart from sending it in for repairs?

  • Hi Mark, Dimitar. Unfortunately, the “fix” I posted isn’t a permanent fix. Basically, what I did was update the dashboard software by providing my freshly unpacked xbox 360 with an internet connection. I tested that on another fresh xbox 360 that was experiencing the same problem, right out of the box. The initial update seemed to fix the problems with freezing, errors, and the 3 red lights on the ring of light…on both systems.

    However, after an update was installed on my system (the first test system) for Halo 2 for Xbox, I started getting 3 red lights on the ring of lights again. I didn’t want to risk trying to break the second system, because it’s a friends box and I’d rather not trash it, I’ll let him do that if he feels it’s necessary.

    So, the problem appears to have a number of causes, originating mostly from specific games that probably try to apply updates that are “broken”. Needless to say, I’m quite weary about applying any updates to my xbox 360 dashboard or to any specific games.

    I will post any additional information here when it’s available.

  • Jordan

    rainbow 6 vegas caused this for me

  • mattaous77

    ok… my xbox freezes ramdomly. just when playing a game online. I have a wireless connection. Does this have anything to do with the system crashing??? The xbox freezes and I have to turn off and on again on the console. Is this one of those faulty systems, or am I needing to give it a little more TLC?

    Thankyou and goodnight

  • mattaous77: Chances are you’ve got a faulty system. I was using a wireless connection with my Xbox 360 without problem until all hell broke loose. I was using a wireless bridge from Linksys with no problem at all.

    You should probably call Microsoft support, they may be able to help stabilize your 360 without having to send it in for repair.

  • I just bought Gears of War, and untill then my xbox was fine. now its freezes ever minute once i turn on my 360. not just for GoW, but for all my other games. Any ideas?

  • mikey b

    my 360’s warranty is up and the games freezes and little lines come on the screen on the ring of lights 3 red lights where flashing but that whent to no lights in the ring. Also when ive pulled the disc out of the xbox there was a parfect circle scratch mark around the disk. has anybody got a clue with this ploblem?

  • Spencer

    I bought MLB Baseball 2K7 about four or five weeks ago, before I bought this game my XBOX 360 was working just fine. Though when I tried to play MLB 2K7 the game froze up within like five minutes of play. Now all of my other games keep freezing after I’ve been playing for about five minutes. Any suggestions?

  • JohnnyDisco

    Seems like a common theme, not one problem with my 360 for 14 months.. been happily playing UEFA Champions League for a couple of weeks then last night it said it needed an update.. I updated, it restarted.. now it freezes after a couple of minutes into the game..

    Same with Virtua Tennis, PDZ everything… it’s not an overheating issue because it was working fine before the update and yet if I remove the HDD I get the same problem.. This sucks BIG time..

  • mardogg44

    I had the same problem after I purchased MLB 2k7 also. It froze up, then I just get the 3 flashing red lights. I went thru the steps of unplugging and taking off the HDD and then turning on, but it just froze up and the next time turning it on, I got the lights again. I really don’t want to spend the $140 to send it in… especially when I am getting the Elite in a couple weeks (which I’m scared to get now) anyone with any resolutions???

    thanks in advance

  • Yea i’ve had this problem and unfortinately my reciept is lost LOl But yeah it first started freezing while playing Rainbow Six Vegas now it wont even get past the first screen you see in the main dashboard…i dont understand why a fucking sorry for the language next generation console has so many bloody problems like honestly i payed good money for my system that could of went to more useful things this is bullshit and i am thinking of buying a ps3 because this is the second one that broke on me

  • Spencer

    Yeah, I just got a new xbox about 1.5 months ago since my other one was red lighting like a whore. So now my xbox freezes even if I’m playing demos. I’m trying the overheating thing with the PSU but idk if it will help. Any sugz?

  • Some of us have decided to pursue a media campaign against MS until this issue 3 light is addressed. See this topic on the forum and read the latest posts if you are interested: FORUM TOPIC


  • andrew

    i was wondering can you get like one of those fans that hook up to the 360 for ventalation? will that solve any problems? like the 3 red lighs?

  • Felix64

    Got the dirty disc error with MLB 2k7.

    I bought the 360 and the 2k game at the same time, never really play with other games. I can play 2 or 3 baseball games without problems (I play one game per day) and it can also flash the dirty disc error 2 times in the same game. It’s really annoying, especially when you’re leading in the 8th or 9th inning.

    I download an update a couple of days ago and now I got another problem: the game crash, without warning and without the dirty disc error. The 360 reset, the light flashes green (not the circle but the power icon) and I have to reset the 360 a couple of time before he can read the disk (the disk tray wont open). After that, the game work ok, till the next crash.

    Anyone have a solution for theses bugs?

  • Felix64: Not sure if anyone here has had the issues you’re witnessing. Have you called Microsoft support (1-800-4MY-XBOX)? If so, what did they have to say about it?

  • Felix64

    This is what i send to xbox support :

    I bought the 360 and MLB 2k7 last month. I can play 2 or 3 baseball games without problems *I play one game per day* and it can also flash the dirty disc error 2 times in the same game. It’s really annoying, especially when you’re leading in the 8th or 9th inning. I don’t have this problem with any of my other games *Call of Duty 3, Fight night round 3, fifa, tiger woods, GRAW, NCAA football*.

    I download an update a couple of days ago and now I got another problem: the game crash, without warning and without the dirty disc error. The 360 reset, the light flashes green *not the circle but the power icon in the middle* and I have to reset the 360 a couple of times before he can read the disk *the disk tray wont open*. After that, the game work ok, till the next crash. Yesterday, the crash came while I was playing GRAW, fist time I had a problem with one of my other games.

    that’s what they ask me :

    Here are the answers of your questions:

    Do you get an error message? What exactly is it? Black screen, message a many languages to contact Xbox support.
    Did it give you an error code? What is it? E 65
    If the Ring of Light flashing red, how many quadrants are doing this? 4
    Does the problem occur only on specific games? What are these games? It occurs mostly during MLB 2k7 (witch I’m playing 90 % of the time), always before the 3rd inning, and one time while playing GRAW. After a reset, every thing comes back to normal. This afternoon, it happens again and I was able to play 2 complete baseball games after the reset.

    And this is their answer :

    I do apologize for the inconvenience. I understand that you see the lower-right quadrant of the Ring of Light flash red on the front of the Xbox 360 console and a error message in multiple languages: System Error. Contact Xbox Customer Support with E65.

    This behavior occurs when the Xbox 360 console experiences a hardware failure.

    Please try these troubleshooting steps in order to resolve your problem:

    1. Turn off the console, disconnect and reconnect all cables, then turn the console back again.

    2. If an Xbox Hard Disk Drive is attached to the console, turn off the console, and then remove the Hard Disk. Turn on the console and test for the error. If the error does not reoccur, turn off the console and reattach the Hard Disk. Alternate testing with the hard drive connected and removed to see if the error occurs only while the hard drive is attached.

    3. If an Xbox Memory Unit (MU) is plugged in to the console, turn off the console, and then remove the Memory Unit. Turn on the console again and test for the error. If the error does not reoccur, turn off the console and reinsert the MU. Alternate testing with the MU inserted and removed to see if the error occurs only while the MU is inserted.

    If you continue to experience this behavior, contact Xbox Customer Service for repair of the console.

  • cam

    yeah i just got my xbox and it freezs befor it even gets to the dashboard or when i do get there and click on a game it freezes

  • reedo

    i didnt realize how important that power supply was…i realized mine was tucked underneeth my shelf, preventing it from getting air. will it be fixed now??


    I know a lot of us are having problems with our Xbox’s and it seems as though it is either a never ending cycle or Microsoft seems unwilling to truly assist us in addressing these issues.

    I feel that if we all unite as a single force, we can open someone’s eyes! We need to get all the people together in one place! My suggestion is, let us grab all the gamers, friends, posters, bloggers, IMers, whoevers and get them all onto the Myspace page that I have created just for this reason. Send everyone you can! WE HAVE POWER IN NUMBERS!!!

    Remember to post your story. Be professional, courteous and mature in your postings please. Let’s take the high road and be civil.

  • mime

    I have gone through all that crap with microsoft before. trying to explain the situation to the non english speaking towel heads they have answering the phones….

    Double check and see if you can purchase an extended warranty, even if you are out of warranty and your box is already broken. It solves all problems 🙂

    I will try to get my power supply out from behind my TV, it has been freezing if I play r6 Vegas for 2-3 hours at a time, that may be my issue.

  • Lory’s solution worked for me. My 360 is playing a movie as I type this, but let me say that this is not for the fainthearted. Taking the 360 apart is a challenge all on its own and several times this task had me wanting to throw the bad boy at the wall. Of course then I am not very techy either, which is great news for those of you who are a little techy.

    I will update everyone if it bursts into flames or calls down beings from another planet to beam me away… errr… maybe not if that last thing happens 😉

  • Still working guys. I have had an update and downloaded a demo as well as several game videos with no problems.

    I think Lory’s fix may be the real thing.

  • i just bought the game forza motorsport 2 and it forked for 2 days then BAM! all hell broke lose green lines across my screen and no sound, so of course I reset it and then it just came up with the 3 red lights.


    My 360 was working just fine until i just bought the new 2k7 for 360 and during the game it keeps freezing, i will try the power saving options but i dont think this is it, any suggestions please email me.

  • mardogg44

    I used to have the regular 360. When I purchased MLB 2k7, I had the same problem that everyone else seems to have… I got the Elite when it came out and I have not had a problem with 2k7 yet… (knock on wood)… I play 2 to 3 games in a row and have no problems… I don’t know if everyone would wanna do this… but what about submitting the dates on the back of everyone’s 360’s… mine is jan of ’05.

  • Cripper

    There has to be something wrong wiht the 360 production lines because these thing just drop like flies. I personally have 3 360’s, currently in working condition. One I have modded a bit for improved cooling and don’t generally have problems. The other day I brought it to my moms while I was down, and picked up one of the other power bricks that I had(easier to get to). I plugged in my unit and was going through the Marketplace and it froze. Reset. Tried PGR3, froze, reset, RR6, froze, reset. I know that the power brick has enough cooling, and fortunantly had no red lights so keeping fingers crossed.
    Maybe these freezing issues are more of a power brick issue than the 360, not that it doesn’t have its share of problems. My brother-in-law’s familiy bought 3 at christmas and two are dead after GoW, amd Microsoft is giving him the run around for repairs.

  • Nspa32

    Yeah, I had the same problems. I was playing halo 2 online today, and it just started to freeze today. June 26, 2007, and right in the middle of the game, all the sudden, i heard a beep, and then it froze. It was so weird. I got the 360 for christmas, and i had that warranty on it too. And it never froze, sice today. If anybody knows how to fix this problem, please e-mail me at [email protected]

    Thank you

  • Jay

    does any1 have a fix your own 360 kit? perferably Chris Jones xbox 360 3 red lights fix u know the 1 where u can fix it without opening it so can u help?

  • Jay

    also can i have 1 4 free? ill put u on my friends list just email me your gamertag so thanks i REALLY cant open it and technabob is ignoring me so can u help?

  • mardogg44

    In case no one has heard… Check the xbox website.. Microsoft is going to extend the warenty from 1 year to 3 and if you have the 3 red lights problem, you can send it in at no charge. So, until 3 years old, your xbox is covered!!!

  • mardogg444, I actually just posted some details on the new 3 year warranty yesterday. I think it’s a good step in the right direction for Microsoft, short of a recall. Here’s the post if anyone’s interested:

  • loverboy

    hey evry1.i have freezing problems with the xbox 360 and i have read to ‘let the power supply breathe’ and plug the xbox directly to the wall but neither worked. it then started flashing 3 red lights but stopped eventually. i am still having a problem with this. i am going to get a ps3 and i freaking cant wait!!!!!!!!!!microsoft xbox 360 cannot create…

    they must stick to programmes and software.

  • loverboy

    reply to [email protected] to respond to loverboy.

  • loverboy

    hey evry1.if you have freezing problems, try turning the xbox on its side(stand it up), then insert the disc, close the tray, and turn it back to normal(lay flat). i have only tried this with a dvd. i am not quite sure that it will work with games. during a dvd, try not to press any buttons. reply to loverboy at [email protected]

  • Careful with turning the console on its side!! I did that with mine and it scratched my game disk to the point where it was unreadable. Evidently the earlier models had a design flaw that prevented the disc from staying firmly in the tray when turned upright.
    I called M$ and they just told me not to set it upright. They also said they would not refund the cost of my destroyed gamedisk.
    I am currently having major freezing problems but I haven’t tried the power supply solution (suspended with string) yet so that may fix it.

  • josh

    i have the same problem only it happens when i play thp8(tony hawks project 8) i dont know what to do

  • kyle

    I’ve had my 360 since January 3rd 07 and no problems until aug. 21 07.
    freezing issues that is one time but what do i do to prevent it?

  • bugz

    this is bullshit

  • Moe

    ya this sucks. ive been playing MLB 2K7 since late june, and i had no problems till Sept. same problems you guys have stated: dirty disc, frozen screen, black screen, all kinds of stuff. then it happened with new Madden. only until 3 days ago did i research these problems and realized i wasnt the only one, by far! it sucks because it was the best wedding gift, and the receipt is in some trash dump who knows where. any suggestions? ill try to call support to see what happens, but reply with some help if i dont get help from them soon.

  • Sunkist Veno

    All this happened last night! And also more problems begin to occur I was playing Sonic The Hedgehog Next Gen and the game would freeze up including the console And i shut it off and started it back up .Then suddenly the red ring of light begins the game would freeze every 10 minutes when i start the game back up! My other games for the console even do the same thing except all of my Saints Row Save files were corrupted due to the red right of light

    Heres what I’d tried to do to fix it

    1 I’ve cleared my cache and the problem still occured

    2 Cleaned up My HD and it still occured

    3 Unplugged the square thing from the back of the console and it occured still

    I have my Xbox360 plugged under a black table where my tv sits on (which could be why but i dunno)

    If this is the problem should i just plug it in somewhere else in my room ?

    But if thats not why its screwing up on me , Will their be a way to fix it without having to take it back ?

  • billyjun_xix

    Please help. My XBOX 360 power supply(ADOPTOR) exploded while im playing because of a short circuit in electricity because theres a storm when that happened. So the next morning ive got it fixed by a friend of mine whose happened to be a electrical technician but i cant say if his that good on that technician because the way he fixes my adoptor it looks like he wasnt that good cause ive got missing screw on my adoptor, but i plugged it in then i turned on my console and it works for 2 weeks..then my screen freeze while im watching a DVD so i turned it off, then turned it on again, then theres the 3 red ring..and so unplugged the adoptor from my XBOX 360, and plugged it in the wall sucket without my X360 console(just my power suplly plugged to the wall sucket)the light on my power supply turned there a possibilty that my screen freezes and 3 red ring occurs because my power supply is broken? if i buy a new adoptor to replace my old power supply would that fixes the problem?
    please help me. just e-mail me your comments. thanks alot.

  • loverboy

    hey guys, i have tried everything psted everywhere on the internet but nothing worked. my freezing problem also started around august and i have given up on it. i might try one or two things but i really dont think that Microsoft has created a good machine if this problems occurs with every 16 out of 20 xbox360s.

  • Taipans

    Just wanted to add I also have had no problems with anything up until I got NHL 08. I get random lockups, and dirty disc errors. I am at a loss on what to do!

  • callum91

    My brother got a Xbox360 elite for his birthday today
    he played it 2hrs and he got this F*ckin problem already
    hes only 12, stupid fuckin micro-$HIT-$oft – ruin a birthday- assholes
    so tomoro, we gotta go 50mins out of town jus to take it bak to the shop and exchange it >: (!!!!

  • LoBo

    Hi all,

    I just found this other thread with a fix that seems to be permanent
    In particular read the posts by shawn taylor, just do a search for shawn
    he explains how to use the microwave to fix your xbox! Many people seem to have used it with success (including me now)

    All the best everyone!

  • Microsoft have tried to save some dollars on the components inside of the console. Now it will cost them billions of dollars to satisfy all of the customers that have this problem.(ring of death)
    However in 2008 a new version will be released with another motherboard that will not have these problems. They will use another generation of chips (65nm instead of 90nm) to avoid the ‘heat’ problems. The ‘ironic’ part is that the new version will be cheaper to produce. At least for Micorsoft that is…I don’t think that will be the case for the customer.

  • napyorba

    Vertical XBOX360 works much better for me. Horizontal XBOX360 screen freezes quite often. Switched back to vertical and the screen freezes were fixed–they dropped away. I took the advice, plugged the power cord into an outlet and made sure there was plenty of air flow. I think vertical position was the fix. LOL

  • Danny

    wow… im just in shock right now.
    I just though’t i’d try that xbox trick to see if it works (check out link) because the power suply thing didnt. I was gonna have to do warranty but this way took 15 seconds and now my xbox works.. lol no one can believe it when I told them

  • shail

    where can i buy a 360 elite power cord seperate.I NEED HELP:(

  • M70

    After recently aquiring a copy of Call Of Duty 4 things went fine. Then after a few weeks, the screen starts freezing after a few minutes of gameplay. First thing that happened was a red ring with thankfully just a green power supply light, then it starts freezing. Thing like this didn’t happen often before the recent update, does it have to do something with it?

  • Dave

    well i just got Bioshock for christmas and now my xbox freezes after about 5 min of game play but the first time i played bioshock i played for a good hour then things went down hill. also with Assassins creed i can play like a about 30 min then it freezes and assassins creed updated my xbox. any suggestions?

  • Stark

    My 360 either gives me a dirty disk message (the disk is not dirty), a black screen, or just outright freezes whenever I try to play it. It works for a few hours in the morning, but then pretty much refuses to work for the rest of the day. Any ideas?

  • Stark

    I just tried unplugging/replugging all the cords, taking out the hard drive, putting the power supply on an open box, and made sure the 360 is in a good positon for cooling.

    It’s freezing, giving me a black/green screen, or giving me a dirty disk error even faster now.

  • Ryan

    Whenever I am playing guitar hero 2 or guitar hero 3 my xbox freezes while in game and doesnt come back on.And now when it says activision when u put in disc it says it before main screen and it freezes at that and I have too turn it off constantly!!!Please tell me how to fix it!!I know its not the game!!

  • Mark

    I’ve had my Xbox 360 for a little over a year now with no problems what so ever. I was playing Blue Dragon a few days ago when I noticed that the game would randomly start to freeze. I ended up beating it, and played Rock Band for three days with no freezes at all. Today, I bought Culdcept Saga, had some freeze issues, then I got the 3 red lights. After unhooking everything for a minute or two, I plugged it all back in. The 3 red lights are gone, but now I just get vertical lines and it won’t even load to the dashboard. Does anyone have any suggestions on this, or should I send it in? Thank you!

  • Mark

    I’ve had my Xbox 360 for a little over a year now with no problems what so ever. I was playing Blue Dragon a few days ago when I noticed that the game would randomly start to freeze. I ended up beating it, and played Rock Band for three days with no freezes at all. Today, I bought Culdcept Saga, had some freeze issues, then I got the 3 red lights. After unhooking everything for a minute or two, I plugged it all back in. The 3 red lights are gone, but now I just get vertical lines and it won’t even load to the dashboard. Does anyone have any suggestions on this, or should I send it in? Thank you very much!

  • Sam

    I was playing Halo 3 like 1 week ago and then all of a studden it froze and it did this for about 5 times and then the infamous “Red Ring of Death” started to flash and all that bongo. So, I did the tempory towel fix by overheating the xbox and cooling it down. (this resets your whole xbox). I then plugged all the cables and HDD back in and now it keeps on freezing. I didn’t even update Halo 3, it just started freezsing and the lights were flashing.

    Any ideas??

  • Josh

    I was playing COD4 last friday just as i had logged in and about to join a game and my xbox froze!!! I turned it on and off and it froze before the console had even loaded. i then left the console for 6 hours or so turned it on and it froze after about 2 minutes. it does this every time i turn it on now waitin for xbox to come and collect my console!!! any ideas???

  • Jamie

    i hav a green light on my power supply when i turn it on but i still get 3 red rings whats happening?

  • Bill

    Just for ur interest.
    I have been in Gaming from the beginning, I mean the beginning. I am not a young fellow and have seen some years, but I still love my game machines. Of course I have a tweaked PC for gaming, but I also like a dedicated console. I have owned, and still own, just about every game sytem made. I have an original working tabletop PAC Man. I have a Moded Xbox that I keep in repair and working condition (new laser cannon, etc) with the HD loaded with MAME and other game machine emulators. Great machine for its time, they just aren’t making new games for it. Like us all, I want the current gen. machine for serious gamers. I have waited 3 years for Microsoft to correct the problems with the 360.
    Thinking that alls well by now, I ordered one from On Feb.22, 2008 I recieved my new Xbox360. The console box showed a manufacturing date of 21Oct, 2007. I can’t tell you how much I was impressed by its looks, smell, playing and everything about my new love. My wife was jealous, the first week I would have slept with it if I could. I played the shit out of Carbon (not as good as Most Wanted) during that week to 88% completion. At some point IT did a console update online, which I did not request, to my knowledge. Then, at the beginning of week two I started to get a screen freeze at exactly the same place at the end of a two stage race. Tried another game disk… same thing. Then the screen freeze started when another game started to load a race course. When game demos started to freeze I called Microsoft support. I went through the full tech support knowledge base with them over three days with no solution other than to send me a box so I can send my 1 1/2 wk old machine in for repairs. With shipping time for their box, my return shipment to them, their repair and return time, we are actually 5-6 weeks!!!! THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR A 1 WEEK OLD MACHINE. I tried to reason with them that this was a new machine and that they should cross ship me a new one if I gave them a credit card number as assurance for the return of the defective one. NO WAY! It did not matter to whom I spoke, supervisors etc, that was the way it was. In disgust I informed her that I would just return the damn thing to the store for a refund and that they and MS can work it out. After getting online and reading the various blogs and threads I tried all the solutions with the power brick, separate correctly polarized outlet, machine in the open and orientation with no sucess. At this point I deleted my gamer profiles completely (loosing my game save). Same thing… freeze! After reading of the continued hardware problems, even after three years in which to fix them, in the many sites address these issues, I made the painfull decission to return my machine to WalMart for a refund, despite MicroSoft sending me a return mailer so I can wait a month for it to be repaired. I will not take the risk of the 90 day refund policy expiring before getting stuck in the never ending cycle of machine repairs with the 360. In all my years I have never seen such a fiasco with a console. The lady at the return desk at WalMart stated that they were getting many, many Xbox360’s back because of freezing issues. As usuall with MicroSofts practice with its OS, release a product before its ready and let the consumer debug it at his expense, not ur paid staff!!!! As I stare at an empty space where my 360 sat and the useless games I now have I have a heavy heart and an empty hole in my stomach. For a serious gamer, the PS3 is not the machine as the 360, just as the PS2 to the Xbox. I can not go that route. So, for me the disappointment is great. For now my gaming is over, untill the next generation of machines appear and have had time to show their flaws. As for MicroSoft, why don’t you sell the DAMN division to a company that cares about its products and customers. I doudt that I will ever again take the risk with another MS machine.

    “To mess up a Linux box… You need to work at it;
    To mess up a Windows box… You need to work with it.”

  • Finkelmeister

    Ok. I feel so much better now knowing that the planet is getting the “microshaft” and that it’s now a result of my own bliss-filled ignorance. It seems as though I may have been luckier than some in that my 360 took a deuce and started freezing (much like a typical MS based machine)after 2 months of play instead of the typical 2 days. (2 weeks, 2 hours etc.) I’d like to see Mac have a go at a console…
    In the meantime, what to do, what to do, what to do… :sigh:

  • Jordan

    My 360 worked well for about 14 months. About a month ago, I started playing Burnout Paradise and my system froze. I tried all of my games, and the same thing happened every time within a few minutes.

    Tonight I decided to connect my 360 to the internet(I don’t keep ethernet cable plugged into the system because I’m too lazy to buy a longer cord or a router).
    Anyway, I signed in to live, and downloaded an update, and now I’m getting the red rings…but only when I power up the system from the button on the console.
    If I use my controller to turn it on, then it works for a minute or so and then freezes.

    I called the damn service tools, and they told me that they only send you a new or repaired console if they power it up and see the red rings.
    So now I have to hope that the red rings continue to appear or i will have to spend 100 bucks to fix this piece of shit that I payed 400 for…
    When will they fix these problems?
    By the way, my brother just went through the same deal. He sent his to Microsuck and they sent him a new one. The shitty part is, the new one he received was manufactured in 2006. They could at least send new ones.

  • -UPDATE-
    Now that I’ve unplugged the ethernet cable from my console, the RROD are gone, and I’ve been playing Half Life 2 for about 1/2 hour with no issues. I don’t know what’s going on with my 360.

  • Well I bought rainbow six vegas 2 yesterday and it freezes whenever on xbox live, on halo 3 it doesnt freeze, call of duty 4 after 2 matches it freezes and on guitar hero 3 after I eject the disc i get the E71 code. Ive been getting freezes for this game every 10 minutes or so..My waranty has ended and im super pissed about it. they told me to turn restart my HDD. I dont have any saved games but rainbow six 2, I decided to let it cool off for about 30 minutes (put a fan and switched sides every 10 minutes) it worked it didnt freeze untill 30 minutes now…

    now i have no idea what the hell to do im deciding to go back to gamestop and complaining at them about my system freezing up when i only had it for 4 months

    any suggestions of what i should do?

  • ritz

    i had my xbox 360 for nearly two and a half years nw and it worked perfect up untill 3 weeks ago when i got assassin’s creed and it worked for a while then the next time i turned it on it froze so i restart the xbox 360 again bt 3 red lights came up so i sent it to mircostoft (quick enough service), came back a week ago but strated frzzing on me :(. so i sold it to gamestop for £100 a few days ago so im off to buy a new one today so hopefully ill have the new one for a good 2 years or more 😀

  • Xbox Basher

    I had my xbox 360 for 14 months now, and all the things that i have read has happened. The screen always freezes right when you start a gameplay or sit in the dashboard or demo. I contacted xbox after gettng on there website and and tried all there tests and procedures, and found out that it does it even with the hard drive disconnected, which is also a common problem with these xbox’s.

    So, I called there stupid customer service number, and deal with there stupid automated peice of crap menu’s, and would not seem to let me talk to a live person, and when i did, the back ground was load, they dude didn’t even speak alot of english it seemed like, and then tried all his things, and he says, “oh well, looks like it is the console, and you will have to send it to us for repair since are records show that it is out of warranty.” I told him, that I spent $400 on just the console, then added the wirless adapater, and extra friggin controller since they only give you one, only have had it 14 months, and my cousin had 2 consoles with the red light issues, 2 people at work have had the red light thing, and another friend had freezing issues as well. And for this kind of money that all of us spent, it better work for more than a year”

    He told me he was sorry (yea right) for the issue and assured me that they do last longer than a year and to buy an exteneded warranty next time. I told him, that with all the problems that i have had, and friends, and family, that a PS3 is my next purchase, because I have not heard any problems about there consoles, and there about the same price. Microsoft cant make shi* with out fu***ing it up so bad. XP was a joke, and Vista they should be sorry for.. They need to recall all theses xboxes and refund us so we can get a better system. And for the ones that haven’t had a problem yet, today or tommorw when you turn your console on, and works, consider it a blessing, because next time, it might never work again.

  • rocketeer

    I have bought the console /w the HDD for 2 years. I does not play it very often. However, I have faced the freezing problem since the beginning of April, 2008 (^_^||||. It is fun that I bought box in the March of 2006). The console show no error messages, no red colour indicator/s. During the freezing of screen, I can still hear the voices and game play music. I tried to restore the default setting, checked the network connection and also the time setting. No changes. The games I play are: Rumble Roses XX, SvR 2007, Call of Duty 3 and Blue Dragon. All of them are freezed during the game play. Well, according to other users in the Internet, it seems that my HDD may have problem. I have a major concern that how can I backup those savings in the HDD? I payed the extra to buy the HDD so the Microsoft should not suppose me to buy the flash drive for saving anymore. Right? I also payed the membership fees per year for Xbox live. It is pitty that she does not provide the network savings for the games savings. Why not let us to save our game savings in the central sever system so once we log-in from any Xbox 360 console, we can get the savings easily?
    What I can do is try to remove the HDD and test the console again. If it related to the HDD problem, I have no choice but buy a flash drive to save the game. I do not want to pay more for the console because I only play less than 5 hours per week for the game. In other words, the machine should not have problem within 2 years for the non-regular user. BTW, what I would like to point out is that the HDD is the SATA drive from SAMSUNG. I am wondering that why Microsoft does not use the HDD from Seagate or WD. The quality of both Seagate and WD are better than SAMSUNG who in the fresh bird for the HDD industry.

  • I thought I was free and clear of the ol circle of death…little did I know that after a year of use (I bought it used) it would decide to crap out on me and it looks like for good….

    Just wondering if there is any good advice out there (besides throwing it off a tall building) if you bought a used 360 and it has decided to crash?

  • jnnf

    all xbox’s suck balls mine freeze every second and i got 3 red lights there shit

  • SlkeSlim

    I can fix the red ring of death (3 red flashing lights) for $50.00
    if interested contact me for shipping information.

    [email protected]

  • I have had my X box for about 5 months now and now today it wont even load when there is a game in it. The x box logo will come on and freeze and just stay there. I unpluged everything and pluged it back in and same thing happend. Only the green lights come on and blink for little bit then it freezes. What should I do?

  • Rc

    i bought my 360 in january, it worked fine till march, then it started frozing up! first time it freexed was while i was playing burnout paradise. i restarted and it freezed again after 5 mins, i unplugged all cables and restarted and it was fine theN!
    it worked well for 2 weeks but in april, it started freezing up more frequently but still after restarting it worked!

    but now.. since 2 weeks.. as soon as i start it, it freezes up! most times during the Xbox 360 logo, and some times on the dashBorad!!!

    Microsoft must face a universal trial in front of the whole world for the crappy machine they prepared!! i dont know why the media is not doing anything over this, every 9 out of 10 xbox users have either freezing or red ring of death problems!!

  • its happen to my xbox to help it plz

  • mbuel

    The problem of xbox red rings of death is as follows:

    1) Heat. Either your system is too hot or your PSU is too hot. Since heat rises the best way to place both is vertical. Placing the PSU is tricky, and may require string or zip tie.

    2) Clean power. It seems that some people have fixed their problems by unplugging the unit from a cheap power strip and plugging it straight into the wall.

    Frankly, people have a right to be pissed off. I was in the middle of an online GTA4 session last night when my console locked up on me. I felt the power supply (currently have it horizontal) and it was close to 100 degrees!!! Frankly if placing it vertical can’t get it cool enough, I’m going to do this:

    By this adaptor and this power supply (which more than meets the requirements of the 360)

  • Rc


    man this is a problem of XBOX freezing.. not red ring of death or power supply!

    post somethng usefull!

  • mbuel

    “man this is a problem of XBOX freezing”

    A hot power supply causes that as well. When my box froze friday night while playing GTA IV for 2 hours, it was almost too hot to touch. Since installing it vertically (tie wrapped it to my desk post) it has been significantly cooler. Place the side that you plug into the wall up, as it has a fan there pulling air out. This allows optimal air flow through the power supply, and I think will eliminate alot of freezing problems.

    Also as I said in my previous post, make sure to place your XBOX vertical as well. If you have to, place it up on blocks so that more air flow can get up through the damn thing.

    • chris

      i thought that the xbox pulls air in from the right sid of the console so why would you want to put it vertical or am i wrong

  • Bill

    This allows optimal air flow through the power supply, and I think will eliminate alot of freezing problems.”

    So you think so? Think again and do some more research!!!!!

  • Bill

    Additionally, as a suggestion to all. When reporting problems on sites like this, include ur console manuf. date!!!!

  • Rc

    well ma manufacturing date is 2007-02-09

    @ mbuel

    dude even if u put the power supply next to airconditioner, the 360 will still freexe!! freexing problem has nothing to do with power supplY!!

    i want to know if any body who previously faced freexing problems got it fixed somhow??????????

  • how did you get passed screen freezing i cant even get passed that

  • Hi,just turned on my xbox360 in like a mounth and was able to play madden 08 for about 15 min.Then took it out to play halo3 and in like a minute it started freezing up is it my halo disc OR WHAT?

  • Ahmad Saeed

    after i installed a game update that was required to play game “incredible hulk” , any game that i play after that freezes after 10 minutes of game play .

    ” my 360 plays backups”

  • Sebastien D (Fr)

    For NOOB people like me who thought saving a few bucks by buying a second-hand Xbox 360… Just buy NEWS ONES, manufactured in 2008 if it’s possible.
    For fuck’s sake I hope ms will be punished someday for their crappy machines cause the story is just awful.

    Like thousand’s of people, here is the story :
    – Had the good idea of buying a second-hand 360 in a video-games store (Score-Games in Lyon, France)…
    The first one just scratched all my brand new games after few weeks,
    so i brought back the stuff to the store, they gave me a new one.
    I just discovered that the second machine is freezing all the time and im really pissed off.

    After reading all the stories on the internet, i think that you can’t buy a clean second-hand 360, because all players that have problems are selling it back to that kind of store – the scatter-brained shop assistants just check the boxes for 1 or 2 minutes.

    Hopefully, the 360 is on garentee on the store for 6 months so maybe i’ll have the chance to swap for a clean one someday ^^.

    F*** ms and sorry for my english i’m learning. Cheers.

  • Tom

    Hey guys warranty question,

    I bought my 360 fall of 06 and after about a year had general hardware failure. It was a pain in the ass and took 2 months to get a new one sent, but Microsoft fixed it without hassle.

    Now here is my problem. About a month ago, (about 6 months since I got my new xbox) my screen froze. Like everyone else who has this problem it freezes anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes of playing. After going through all the BS troubleshooting with the fucktard at customer support he said it would cost $100 to fix it. I argued for awhile and after it went no where I hung up.

    Is the xbox out of warranty based solely on when i bought it, without taking into account it broke only a few months after I got a “new” one? I thought that since the one they sent me broke so quickly that it should be covered.

  • WhyCantLinuxMakeaConsol

    yeah I called the stupid hotline, and I got some BS bot that tells you to power cycle, put another disc in, or remove all accesories, a lot of fucking help that was…

  • danno

    I have had my 360 for about a year now, bought second hand. I play about three hours a week and keep two fans on it to keep it cool. Yesterday it started to freeze up on me with COD 4, switched to the Orange Box and same thing. MS customer support ran me through the standard protocols on the phone and decided that it was a hardware failure that would cost me $99 to fix.
    Ive read all about the power brick ventilation thing and I really cant see how it matters. As far as I know if the brick gets hot enough the internals just shut it down until it cools off. If there is any actual research on this please post it, or if someone can explain to me why it would matter electronically I would appreciate it.
    Lastly, has anyone attempted to fix this problem themselves with one of the red ring / GPU clamp down kits available online? I’m pretty handy and could do the work but I want to know it worked for someone else before committing to it.

  • biggyclops

    x clip fix worked for me yesterday (had my screen freeze and crash then getting the RROD). cost me 6 bucks in parts at the local hardware store (basically 8 5mmx16 philips screws,16 nylon washers, and 24 metal ones) some sites have different amounts of washers but the main thing is the screws.. for me 5×16 was long enough to help with screwing it back in.. in all it took me about an hour and it works without a hickup

  • me

    Thanx, I was searching the internet trying to fix my xbox’s problem and nothing seemed to do anything. I just realized that the problem started a few days ago which is about when I plugged it into an extension cord.

  • I have the same problem, and just after 3 weeks playing Xbox 360. The manufactur date is: 04/13/08 its a Falcon with the BenQ drive…

    I have tried etherthing!

    1 – removed the HDD Drive, and tried to played. Is seemed to worked well, no freezes after 3 hours

    2 – so I´ve deleted all the game saves, Ive played again, but it frozen up again

    3 – So I´ve formatted the HDD drive, but it frozen up again

    4 – So Ive played without HDD, it has frozen up again

    5 – I´ve cleaned with a vacuum cleaner the console and the power supply, and had suspended, it in a box. And guess what? IT HAS FROZEN UP AGAIN!

    And you are saying, send it to the microsoft. But I live in Brazil, and I bought this console in the US. So How can I send it to the support?

    I will send it to a technician here in Brazil, solving the problem I will post here!


  • B Carson

    Has anyone ever posted about there xbox only freezing while being connected to live? my xbox only seems to freeze while port cord is not pluged in my xbox. Just faulty connection maybe? i use linksys btw thanks.

  • jay

    luis sounds like you need to fix the xclip.. just google it

  • matt

    if it starts freezeing thats the first sighn of the ring of death.
    ive had 3 xbox 360 consoles same thing happens, over and over again.
    i quit im buying a ps3. bill gates can go to hell!

    • rav

      dude, get a ps3 but they arnt that much better. i have a 160gb ps3 and a xbox 360 elite i have had 2 xboxs cas my first 60gb rrod. my first ps3 was a 60gb but it ‘ylod'(yellow line of death) same thing as xbox 360 but sony wont take it and fix they make u get a new one but with 20% off. so they are just as reliable as eachother or they have been for me.

  • Luis Guimaraes

    PROBLEM RESOLVED, after snt it to a technician, he made resold in the memmories and the GPU, and made the cooler works in 12v!

    He said that my console was not manufactured well, and never saw a Falcon too hot!

  • fixer


  • Luis Guimaraes

    Are you with problems? Towls fix will only overheat the 360 making it having more problems!

  • matt shaw

    ive had this freezing problem which just started randomly when i got fall out 3. does it on all of my games now too. phoned up the help line and the dude said it needed to be fixed. not costing me anything tho.

    whats strange is i got my 360 on oct 06. in oct 07 it broke due to a motherboard fault about 8 days out of the warrenty, and now it breaks again more or less around the same time!!! maybe Ms only make their parts last about a year. bastards!

  • Ally

    Um… I had the 3 Red Lights before around 7 weeks ago, and I used the towel trick and then it started to work again. Now today I got the 3 Lights again… I tried the towel trick. I did everything. I called Microsoft and now I’m sending it in.

    • Master Hwoarang

      attention everyone fixer left out one thing you should clean your dame system at least 2 times a month do get rid of the dust and shit inside and outside of the xbox.

  • fixer


  • fixer


  • fixer


  • fixer


  • fixer


  • fixer


    • Deathmatez

      Alright cool the Power Brick,why does my new 360’s Power Brick does not fit into my older 360.What the Hell,I love Microsoft,but seriously!!!

  • Melthius


    point taken……..fuck off.

  • ERIC

    ok so my xbox orginally got fixed for the red rings of death last november, and not to mention taking a month to fix (ship to texas???) All was well till i DL the new NXE update and then thought i would dl my Call of Duty WaW game onto my hd. it worked pretty well for a while until the next night i was playingn COD online and it froze then the red rings came 3 and i forget which one wasnt lite up so i thought it just overheated. so i stopped playing and waited the next day to play and i just keeps freezing or going black when i play online. but i have played through a good 1/2 hour of my arcade game N+ with my bro . WTF is up microsoft i used to love you i switched from sony to u just for the 360 and this is what i get a console in the year 2008 that still freezes!! even after you fixed it!!!!! and now my xbox isnt even registered!!!!WTF!!! i need help but most of all microsoft needs help making things that work the first time not the 3rd time. Not to mention ill wait 3 monthes with no system and no internet after i paid good money for a year of live . WTF Ive paid over 1000 dollars to your company in xbox stuff this better be a quick fix help me some1 before i go to sony and pay another 1000. Just checked again and now i really do have the red rings . the second light isnt lite up when its on its side. it wont even go to the main menu.should i risk sending it to microsoft again and have it work fine for another year then break or do i find some tech in st.louis to fix it???? help hhelppppp

    • Master Hwoarang

      Eric if you want to help the microsoft fans next time tell them the problem. I wouldn’t say tell write them a letter that everyone has had it. Say something like this I used to like the xbox 360 but i see you wanted to save money and cut corners like the design is one thing the heating clamps are to small and your running the aracade and pro versions on the same chip the xbox 360 elite runs on. Its like the saying 3rd times a charm and the elite holds up to hit because there is not the many problems with it.

  • thadjdj

    Yeah finnaly they fix the ring of death but whats this!!!!!!! YAAAAY new problems new report of overheating xbox 360 power supplies even catching on fire. I sent mine in about three four days ago, they said it will take at a max of two weeks. Oh yeah the xbox power supply also has been known to catch fire on the original xbox too. in one fire an infant was even killed sad!!!!! once again thank you xbox and keep up the great work [email protected]$$e$

  • jagcivtec

    My HDMI 2007 xbox360 got the RROD. Fixed it with the X clamp fix kit and amazingly it worked perfectly for a month, then RROD came back. Tried the towel trick and it worked for a few days perfectly, then it started freezing after 1 hour play. Now it freezes during play and restarting it gives me 20 min of playtime before it freezes again. Console and PSU are kept cool by fans and elevation but still freezes. Simple, Xbox360 is worthless, im getting a PS3. Everyone should. My advice to anyone considering what console to get this Xmas, PS3……………..all the way, you ll be buying a headache with the 360, stay away.

  • cwxwwwxwwxwx

    well, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

  • Noah

    I got my xbix elite xmas of 08…so far it had frozen up on me 3times while playing FABLE 2. and i thought oh, must be a little problem, and i see that it isnt, thats how it all starts out!!! WTF! MS is a mother-rapist..we pay over 500 usually for this shit ass system and we get these problems! My nintendo 64 froze for the first time after 6 years of use man! although i think that their first xbox was much better than this one in the act that IT WORKED! if it wasnt for Halo, ms would be nothing. their pc’s suck and so does bill gates, his eyes are like a rapist out for money…i wanna sell my 4 day old xbox now.

    • Urrlaggy

      Same as me Noah, mines lasted alittle longer than yours in the fact I got to finish Fable 2 before it started being overly annoying. But lately it has been getting progressively worse and I’m sure i’ll soon see the RROD.

    • braden

      buy the pro if you read the elites are faulty not MS itself and fable causes problems.

  • psychic

    dude i got myn on the first christmas of the first year, iv had rrod n lyk 2 months ago it randomly starts freezin, im gettin so annoyed with this system, its jus hell for ppl tht wnt a gd gamin system tht lasts. iv spent nearly £600 on stuff n games for it n it all seems lyk a waste nw. tryin 2 look for a soloution for the freezin atm but nuffin, jus finkin of my 2nd 360

    • braden

      everybody above me if youre about youre games costing so much then send it in to microsoft and they’ll replace it and the replacements sre so reliable its ridicolous ive had my replacement for a few yaers and it’s fine stop being little batstards.

  • Mathue

    Good God people, does no one here know how to type or proofread? I’d elucidate about why this might be but I think the explanation would not be absorbed.

    > i got myn on the first christmas of the first year, iv had rrod n lyk 2

    It’s apparent the XBOX 360 is an unsound design, purchase this system at your own peril. It’s a time vampire in more than one way.

    • kj

      you are making comments about other peoples typing when you come out with things like “myn”, “iv” and “lyk”??

      • moomba

        stupid he was quoting another poster but he put > instead of “”

  • Chris

    My X-box 360 is just over a month old and it continuously freezes 15 minutes into a game! My X-Box is stood up vertically and has plenty of space so as to allow air to move freely.

    My Brother also bought an X-box around the same time as I did and he just got the red-rings of death!

    I called x-box customer service and they asked me to post the console to them. This does not look promising, my Brothers 360 as well as my own are not working; and as I go through the Internet it seems everyone is having horror stories!

    I also have a PS3 and have had no problems with it whatsoever! I would however prefer a working x-box as there is a better games selection but this has really put me off buying anything MICROSOFT AGAIN!

    • Master Hwoarang

      Hey microsoft xbox 360 fans you may have come across me on xboxlive Master Hwoarang soon going to be Tekken Prodigy. I have read up on some things to confirm my theroy since Mircosoft customer support did not give me any information I was looking for. There two problems everyone comes across I was asking my frined John who works at a gamestop. And we relized that one problem is that if you got the first release hunk of crap ones it was poorly made. If you want to no that it is a first release one the MFD has to be from 2005 up to 2007 and should not have a falcon motherboard in it thats one of the reason. But as i took apart the 360 to figure the problem out the cpu/computer prossecing unit/and the gpu graphical prossesing unit i belive is the name came detached it even happens with some of the newer models as well. As i said comes detached cause of the heating and the bord is flexing during the process witch leads to a bunch of problems later. But if you want no problem what so ever I would recomed bying the 360 elite. The elite has no problems what so ever because the hardware inside of it is more durible and the cpu can take the heat unlike the others. The arcade and pro are run on the same cpu as the elite and that like one of the main problems. They should have droped it to a 60kmz insted of keeping it at a 65. I just go a new xbox 360 i am turnning back in to gamestop for another till i can get my elite. If you want to no thats there something wrong when you pick it up your not supposed to hear something moving around in it.

      • Mr Xcitmnt

        The Elite being problem free is a myth. I have it and bought the Elite to try to avoid any problems and my console freezes ALL OF THE TIME. It’s not overheating because as I type this my console froze already and that after not even completing a level of Bad Company on multi-player. So needless to say I am getting quite irritated because this has been going on for months and this is my Second X-Box as well. I’m am starting to think that it has to be my hard drive because I don’t know what else it could be.

      • duke

        Hey man not trying to be a buzz kill but the elites mess up as well mine onlyu lasted 11 months

  • Alex

    I agree, I think it actually takes more effort to type like an idiot than it does to type well. Spelling errors are one thing, but come on, folks…

    And I just had an issue with my 360 freezing up while playing RB2, and doing so every time I had the game on for a minute or two. I got frustrated because this had never happened to me before with this 360 (I’m on my 3rd one, but have had it for a long while), until I came to this site. My wife had buried the power supply in her most recent re-organization of the cables. I’m pretty sure moving it will fix it. Thanks for the advice!

  • Dan – FREE FIX

    The problem is with a heat sink on the video processor. Heat is not being pulled off the processor by the fans in the back and by the heat sink extension. Even the accessory fans that clip on the back are not enough. A solution if you don’t mind the Xbox all opened up is to open the Xbox to access the DVD ROM (do this only on systems that no longer carry a warranty). The DVD Rom is covering the heat sink. Remove the DVD ROM from its normal location and set aside still connected. Either using CP cooling fans or even a small electric fan point it at the heat sink. The system will no longer freeze.

    • Nick Thanks!!

      Thanks a lot Dan! My xbox freezes up like 5 min. after i turn it on. So i opened up the box and moved the DVD drive and put a fan on it.

      End result is no more freezing! It doesn’t freeze anymore.

    • Reaper

      although is work with old ass cars i know enough about computers and such to try and work out problems, i took my 360 apart and placed a small CPU fan from an old computer within the console the fan blows air at the heat sink, and it hasnt froze yet it good advice for those of us who dont have a warranty any longer

      • Reaper

        sorry it should say i work with old cars

  • matthew

    i have had my Xbox 360 elite for about a year now, works perfectly fine,… untill today. i was playing castle crashers and accepted a video call of a friend, no problems. later i go back on my xbox and i go to game marketplace to look at a few things, it freezes.. i think oh must be a one of :S load it up again wait a few min’s freezes AGAIN so i think hmm lets try a game put in cod WaW get into a s&d just about to snipe somebody, freezes again, havn’t tried it since but after what i’ve read its not worth the hassle, DO NOT BUT A XBOX 360,; Unless you want problems 🙂

    • buttered

      nice spelling retard

  • Sam

    ok i have an xbox 360 pro 20gb
    i play my xbox now and then maybe a couple of hours on the weekend and 30 mins to an hour 2-3 times monday to friday.
    just recently it has been freezing without warning.
    i turn it off then turn it back on then after 5 mins it freezes again.
    now wen i turn it off it makes a noise like it just goes off not like what it use to.
    and when i turn it on it makes a awkward noisesame with ejecting and closing the disk drive
    should i send it in for repair or let it cool down for a while?
    even tho i dont think its over heating..

    • Deathmatez

      Alright cool the Power Brick,why does my new 360’s Power Brick does not fit into my older 360.What the Hell,I love Microsoft,but seriously!!!

  • john

    how about making a fucking system that works? These things cost upwards of 600$. withe the hard drive and the controllers and the games!!! the games are 60$ a piece and ive got 12 games! thats not a lot compared to some folks, but 600 for the system, 720 for the games(not including tax), ive got over 1300$ wrapped up in a system that lasts less than a year. its a crock of shit and microsoft should compensate all of us that love our xboxes, and are tired of their bullshit warranty and their bullshit machine. damn democrat bill gates!!

  • Matt

    I got an X-box on 01-01-09. I went to 3 stores to find a place that wasn’t sold out. I played for no more then a few hours, kept a fan on it, and kept the power supply in a cool location. After a month of playing it froze up. I called Xbox and they asked a bunch of irrelevant questions. They said i could send it in. Their e-label site wasn’t working. I called back and told them to send me a box from there, they did. I sent my crap in. A month later i got a BRAND NEW XBOX. they gave me a month of xbox live gold too. I played 4 hours total….FUCKING FROZE!!!!!! So now i have to do this all over again. I am demanding upgrades. If this happens again i will stop using Microsoft products. I will switch my 2 pc’s to linux and when i buy a new one in the future it will be a mac. I will buy an Ipod and ditch my zune. When they send me a new Xbox i will sell it and transfer the warranty to someone else.

  • HCL

    MY wonderful 360 strated to freeze again yesterday, after my local repairman had fix it some how two month ago.I am really unhappy.The big question have they ever tried to solve this problem with these pieces of crap.

  • alan

    what a genuine peice of the kids an xbox 360 for xmas. got them each wireless controllers and about six hundred dollars worth of games. got through opening up all the gifts cleaned up the wrapping paper and went to hooking this peice of garbage it hooked up. looking good!!! put the game in…. looking good. as soon as the game is finished loading this MOTHERFUCKING PEICE OF SHIT freezes. wtf? MERRY FUCKING XMAS YOU COCKSUCKING MOTHERFUCKING MICROSFT RAPIST BASTARD. FUCK YOU!!!!! ASSHOLES

    • Cheryl

      You sir, are an ass. I feel sorry for your kids and wife for the verbal tirades and abuse you must spew on a regular basis. Intelligent thought prevails over idiotic rants. Your wife may have already left you, and if not, she’s weak. And for your kids…you’ll reap what you sow when they grow. But you already know that, don’t you? Remember how your old man was…the apple never falls far from the tree.

      • jesse

        or maybe he’s pissed cuz he just wasted like an entire months paycheck on a christmas gift for his children that doesnt work. ive got a fucked up xbox too, and im pissed. and just letting you know, i swear probably 3 times more than he does on a daily basis, and im in highschool. oh and by the way, just cuz someone swears at a company for fucking up his kids christmas, doesnt mean he talks to his wife or his children like that. i swear more than that and i dont verbally abuse women and children. so yea, dont assume cuz now youre the one who looks like an ass. and also, my father is a complete greedy asshole who doesnt care about anyone but himself. and im nothing like him, so it depends who the apple is, and what kind.

    • braden

      you know what youre a retard why all the cussing this happens with computers (laptops especially) ps3s wiis or anything else machines aren’t flawless buddy.

      • Reaper

        yeah it happens with anything that has moving parts, electrical current or anything mechanical in general, cars do it,aircraft,boats,hell mechnicla toothbrushes will mess up aswell, microsoft is mad eup of people who work thier ass off to make these things at the expense of thier time to work and make these things, i promise you cussing at things while it may make you feel better doesnt help.
        i know i restore vintage cars that have set in someone’s yard for a decade, but just as things mess up they can also be fixed, a lot of the freezing has to do with the lack of adequate power being distibuted to the console, just like a big car with a inadequate engine it wont have enough power to do the things it needs to do, fans, cpus, circuit boards, they all require power and if you dont have enough it doesnt work quite well, i bought my first 360 when it first came out it lasted around two years of heavy playing daily playing, my second one has lasted till now and it continues to last, each product isnt exactly 100% the same as the last cars and vehicles are the same they may look they same, one car model with the same engine may have some seperate un anticipated things one may have 300hp the other may have 315hp and another may have 290hp, look at like this no matter how perfect you think something is there will always be imperfections in the design somewhere. nothing is 100% perfect.

  • pug

    Why after 4 years Microsoft hasn’t fixed the xbox 360 problems? It makes no sense. It is like they want them to fail and for them to keep fixing them.

  • My son’s XBox 360 Elite was purchased off eBay in November 2007. He just got his first RROD 3 flashing light error yesterday (September 26, 2009). That’s almost 2 years without a hitch. He plays it fairly often but only after his school work is done and only for an hour or so during the week. On weekends he plays it about 1-4 hours a day.
    When I first heard it went bad I thought it was a bad purchase. But he had gotten a lot of use out of it already so it didn’t seem like a bad $300 investment.
    When I went to the Microsoft service website ( the site asks you to login with your WINDOWS LIVE ID. I had to dig up an old Hotmail account that was still active but it worked. At first glance it seems pretty straight forward to fill out the form with the Serial Number and your address and contact info. Also be sure to check the box about Agreeing to collection of your information on the web page for submitting the form. After you click the submit button it says the unit is out of warranty and it will cost $99 to fix it. If you read carefully it says that the warranty for the 3 Flashing Lights is 3 years. You have to go back up to the top of the form and make sure you select the 3 Flashing Lights problem from the pull down menu and type in the comment box what the problem is. I just retyped what it said in the pull down menu, “Console displays 3 Flashing Lights on the Ring of Light”. Once you do that it will recalculate and the cost at the bottom in the yellow box will change to $0.00. Hit the submit button again and you will be given a page to print out the shipping instructions and a shipping label for UPS. Microsoft will prepay the shipping both ways and will repair the unit for free. They estimate 21 days from the day you ship it to the day it arrives back to you.
    Seeing as how we will be shipping it tomorrow (September 28, 2009) I will have to report back in 3 weeks how the service went.
    I had read about the problems with the XBox and was considering getting a PlayStation, but the game selection for the XBox was more diverse and my younger daughters could also play games on it. My wife and I enjoy getting nostalgic by downloading Toe Jam and Earl. The LIVE Marketplace is also very nice and has many different areas to check out with sample games and movie trailers, to name a few.
    For the price I would say it is a good investment and has good value but that is IF you don’t have any problems with your unit.
    Ours sits underneath the TV, which is on a coffee table, on the slatted shelf below. The TV is a 50″ RCA rear projection with 1080p HD. Since the coffee table has a slatted shelf the unit gets plenty of ventilation. I also purchased an Intercooler which has been on the unit since day one. I do work with computers so I am keenly aware of the importance of proper ventilation and airflow around the CPU(s) which prompted me to buy the Intercooler after researching the issue with the XBox overheating.
    I have seen the design flaw with using the thermal pads instead of using copper thermal dispersion methods for cooling the CPUs and I can only hope that Microsoft will learn this lesson and improve the design to cool the unit.
    Once our unit does run out of warranty I do plan on using some of the methods I have found online to fix the problem permanently.(though I must say using the towel method was something I would never have dreamed of doing)
    As with all things in life you have to take the good with the bad and let the buyer beware. I’m sure there will be something bigger and better than the XBox down the road (Neurosky anyone?) but I’m sure there will be glitches for that system as well. Of course Microsoft is notorious for launching a product before it is ready (what company doesn’t these days?) but take advantage of the extended warranty for the RROD and fill out the form. I wasn’t asked for Proof of Purchase, or any type of verification of the problem. Give it a shot and see if it works for you.
    I’ll try to be back in 3 weeks or sooner to let you know how it all went down.

    • Almost forgot, here is a link to the 8 Penny Fix for the 3-Flashing Light RROD:

      This appears to work. Also search for the Towel Trick to fix the overheat issue.

      • Spike

        AVOID THE TOWEL TRICK!!! It can cause more damage than good and even when it works, it’s works for about a week! Continually using it WILL damage your consoles internal hardware. HEAT + MOBO = Fried Console!! I speak from experience……Twice!!

  • DanOh

    Xbox 360 Elite
    MFRD: 2008.01.15
    Purchased: 2008.06.15
    Freezing: 2009.10.04
    Red Ring Of Death – 2009.10.09

    Hrs of Gaming = probably about 150 hrs.

    Console kept in well ventilated area.

    COST $499.00 (console + accessories)
    $100.00 (USB internet hook up)
    $980.00 (14 games @70.00 each)

    Seems as though all these people are in for at least $1000.00, for possibliy the worst consumer product ever devoloped. The consumer has the right to expect that the product they have paid for delivers what it is supposed to, for a “reasonable” length of time. Measured in years, not months. This product should be developed to a point so that the common, safe, recommended use of it, by the manufacturer, would result in a product that the user cannot ruin through “normal” usage. How can they be allowed to pedal this crap off. Consumers have to take a stand. As I intend to.

    • braden

      most xboxes last a few years actually…..

      • buttered

        I got my xbox the first day they came out and its almost 2012…. never an problems

  • Joseph123

    I have happily had my xbox 360 four lovely years without any problems. I have never had any problems with any of the appliances that go with the xbox 360. I havent had to replace anything except batteries. If you guys seem to have a problem dont BITCH about it. MICROSOFT IS RUN BY HUMANS! NOT MACHINES! They make errors and they FIX them! For FREE! Assembly errors are going to be made, maybe a peice of lent fell into your console and clogged it during assembly, you don’t know. Errors are made, just send it in, and have it fixed. Every console has errors. EVERY COMPUTER HAS ERRORS! Maybe they havent figured out the correct way to fix the problem. THERE ARE A MILLION reasons why a console can break! And the 360’s content is the best on the planet. STOP BITCHING GUYS.

    • Javier

      Easy for you not to bitch when your is not broken.

      • Andre

        Yeah, damn right, who is this clown to talk about broken xbox, dude if you never experienced pain of dealing with Microsoft you should not talk…its ridiculous its like me talking about how fun war in Iraq was and i never went to war

        • James Connor

          your an asshole. hope yours break soon. see if you think we’re bitching then

        • stacy

          exactly they need to speak english

      • jesse


        • Frankie S

          WAH WAH WAH, my xbox does have randoming freezing, but, people, we do make mistakes and i think you need to stop bitching about microsoft already & get a ps3 /stop qqing

    • Celeste

      Don’t protect Microsoft! There shouldn’t be any fucking “lint” screwing up consoles, or maybe they just have a massive “lint problem”, Do they have dust bunnies too?! If you had an Xbox for 4 years and didn’t have one single problem…EVER…You are one very lucky bastard. They should be making every possible effort to NOT have any “assembly errors” whatsoever! No other company in the history of anything, having to do with game consoles or computer systems, has EVER had a higher failure rate (16% of 1000… 54% out of 5000!!). Sure they “fix” them for free, but they don’t fix them.. They replace them! Which means you loose all of your data, unless you waisted $150 on a worthless hardrive.(game saves, player profiles, achievements) Which shouldn’t be an issue in the first place! I would rather have my same Xbox repaired, than have one replaced so “I can get to my gaming as quickly as possible”.(mocking tone) Xbox support doesn’t even have a clue about what they’re talking about either! When I was asking the idiot about my “repaired system” I asked her, “Is this the same console?” She said, “yes” I said, “But it has a different serial number..” She said “Yes?” I said “So, all of my save game data isn’t on this Xbox…” She rather quickly replied, “Yes all of your game data should be on that Xbox. Mhmm, is there anything else?” And so I turn it on, and I tell her “This is a blank Xbox.. It is brand new none of my save game data is on this Xbox” She said “Mhmm, that it because it has a different serial number, and it is a different system.” Like I am some kind of idiot. But in all honesty who is the idiot here? So, rather frustrated, I reply “So this Xbox has none of my information on it whatsoever.” She replies “Mhmm yes all of your data should still be on there” In a small moment of silence, I sit there in awe of the audacity, and stupidity of what I had just heard, Staring at my TV screen. So in my final attempt at redemption I say calmly, “Ma’am… none of my data is on this Xbox.. Why can’t I just have my original one sent to me?..” She akwardly answers my question with a.. “I’m sorry I don’t understand what you are getting at, Is there anything else you would like to discuss?” I replied “I would like to discuss getting my original Xbox back instead this replacement” she replies “I’m sorry sir there is nothing more I can help you with, goodbye.” And then.. of all things the bitch hangs up on me! That is ridiculous, an extraordinarily high failure rate and shitty customer service? I’m sorry Id rather stick with the PS3. (And for the “It’s too hard for them to track your original Xbox” excuse.. I was on top of UPS the entire way [via the internet], which they can too.)

      point served.

      Have fun with your time bomb

      • braden

        wow ps3 really xboxes don’t break down that much actually me a few of my have had thme for a few years and had very little problems and besides i got my xbox back with all my data and companies have errors i could nag sony about my laptop that was supposed 4-5 years and broke in two months and maybe the xbox you had a corrupt file? so don’t bash micrsosoft and ive had great customer service from microsoft.

      • oGod No

        Your “story” was completely false. It wasn’t even a good lie, either. If a service rep hangs up on someone, they lose their job. The calls are “monitered and recorded” for a reason, idiot. Shift managers randomly check calls to see how reps handled customers. Stop ragging on Microsoft, Bill Gates has achieved way more than you ever have, and could probably pwn you at any xBox game. Way to fail.

    • Brandon

      Yup I hope your 360 dies
      Fix it for free my ass
      the charged me 99$

    • Spike

      Considering the console is manufactured in a STERILE environment, I doubt very much that a “piece of lint” would get into the system and cause an issue. Microsoft never bothered to design it properly, like the xbox 1. They sourced everything as cheaply as possible EVEN almost using the memory chips the Xbox 1 was lumbered with. My console has had 3RROD, 2RROD, e74 and some video issues BRAND NEW CLEAN OUT THE BOX!! So don’t sit there talkin like you’ve got knowledge. Wait till your console breaks. Trust me, Microsoft will infuriate you to the point you put a hammer through it! And FYI most of the assembly IS DONE by machines designed by BETTER companies, who properly researched, designed and built them to do their jobs BEFORE selling them to the businesses they were intended for!!!!

  • nuff said close thread. haahaha

    • But seriously, on a lighter but profound note, I am conducting research on the energies produced by humans in accordance with appliances and consumer electronics. I believe there is a correlation between the signals your brain transmits and how your device receives that transmission, dependent on negative or positive polarity. Awaiting more federal support but donations and test subjects are widely accepted. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested in more information.

  • Alexander

    You are a 360 saver! About the power thingy, mine was all dirt and stuff in the holes… But before that, when i diddnt know about that i kept getting pissed of when it randomly froze. So i looked it up, found this, and cleaned it out, now it works perfectly… THANK YOU!

    • paleywaley

      I have been getting screen freeze and tried everything . Changing to separate plug . Deleting all cache , deleting all network settings and reinstalling , deleting and reinstalling router , nothing worked . decided to clean power brick and noticed a kinda black gunk on my hand . examined more and found all vents [that i didnt even know where there]where blocked with the gunk . i never cleaned brick in 3 years since i owned original xbox , and when box died I bought 2nd just as xbox only sticking back into blocked power brick THATS BLOCKED AND NOW I AM GETTING FREEZE AGAIN . i JUST PRAY DAMAGE ISNT ALL READY DONE FOR RED LIGHTS TO CREEP UP ON ME 🙁 . Aparently the poer bricks also have fans in to draw air hence the vents and the sucking in shit to block em .. Nice heads up on that MICROSOFT. Any wys I came on net to see if any one else had this issue and looks like I might of cracked the problem . GONNA GO TEST NOW AND IF IT FREEZES [WHICH HAPPENS MOSTLY ONLINE] I WILL CRY LOL

      • paleywaley

        nope didnt work . but i took hard drive out today and it played for 4 hours without a freeze , gonna try again over next few days and see what happens … I think whilst trying timeshift [£4 bargain] i got a crash and from then on non stop , Must of knacked hd . gonna order a cheap memory unit of ebay save my games saves for my best games ] and try to reformat xbox hd. I fthat dont work buy a new one and if that dont work I will cry lol .. would be a double whammy cos my pc gaming hd has just gone knacked too 🙁

  • Greg Teft

    I have a X-Box Elite purchase in March of ’08, and have already had to replace the DVD drive earlier this year. Today, I was all set to ply a game after a couple of hard weeks at work and was presented with the ring-of-death. Apparently they couldn’t get it right in ’08 either. Good Grief. Knowing about the heating issues with the design, this unit (and its power supply) lived flat in the open on a desktop. When I started having DVD drive issues again, I put it on end as it gets the drive to spin again (there are rubber feet to do this, right?) and plugged my controllers in to charge. Went to play a movie and three red lights. The only thing I can say nice is that they look fancy against the black case.

  • braden

    when i put fable 3 in my xbox it showed th ring is replugged in the hard drive and it worked played fable for 1-2 minutes and it froze (this happens with all my games aswell)felt my power supply the big grey box right? anyway it felt room temperature put in the open it didnt change in temp. and played fable again for 1-2 minutes and it froze should i wait an hour or two before playing or what?

    • mgidds

      yo check this….my shit started freezing once a week, then once a day, then in 10 mins on the dashboard…it’s the GPU. a local guy in town will give me a new one for $35. ANYWAY. I SWITCHED MY XBOX TO RUN ON 720P AND IT HASN’T FROZE IN LIKE 4 HRS!!! DO THIS. YOUR WELCOME.

      • mgidds

        oh I’m playing NHL11.

      • stephen

        i am new to x box my first xbox kept frezzing so took it back shop and got it replaced then i went online and someone said pulg the xbox in your main wall socket working for me so far had it on all day no problems.

  • stevety129

    Xbox 360 SUCKS BIG go to PS3

    • gage

      yeah….UNTIL YOU GET HACKED!!!!!!!

      • buttered


  • OK, so I play on Black Ops for 2 hours… I just got back from playing zombies so I go into the Multiplayer menu to play some Search and Destroy and I click ‘XBOX LIVE’ then it says loading for 2 seconds and then freezed! My XBOX has did that 3 times today! My XBOX 360 is the newest model and I think I’m going to try to get my XBOX in a place where it can find more air.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • @paleywaley

    What XBOX do you have?

  • cody

    listen i have the old style… i have 3 of them.. one has a better fan.. and case and shit.. i went to mess with my other xbox cause it just had a disk tray prob and now it wont even get to the main screen.. i plug the other xbox in with the same wires and it works fine….

    • C2daW

      Try to not open xboxs your not an expert so why keep opening them thinking your bill gates then wondering why it doesn’t work anymore, any problems ring microsoft (of course if you have opened it already then will tel you to get to fuck) your problem now go cry to your mommy.

      • B1CBX

        @ C2daW, you talk really tough for replying to a 10 month old comment.

  • cody

    like i dont even get to get a game in… great as im tryping this is just got the 2 red ring of death

    • chuck

      try opening you disc drive to turn ur box on instead of the power button and leave it open till it reaches the dashboard

  • oGod No

    Ps3 has no good game selection. All it has thar is even remotely fun, is CoD.

  • dj

    the 360 will and always has had major problems since it was created. ive got an xbox 360 that works fine , but most of my friends cant say that. got a ps3 ZERO problems, it also has better graphics on my plasma(both HDMI yes the ps3 wins) and 3d blu ray! my advice (as stated below) go ps3. i know the xbox has great games but its an overheating , over priced FLOP.

  • Play and charge

    My X -Box freezes when i plug in my charge and plays help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • X fart

    Red ring of death. Watched youtube, fixed that, sort of. Now my games freeze 2-5 minutes in. Xbox is garbage, I’m about to hook up my Atari from 1980. Because I know it will work.