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WordPress Multisite Administration E-Book Giveaway

Now that WordPress Multisite Administration has been published, I’ve got some free copies in e-book form to give away. I’ll also be giving away some hard copies of the book, but that won’t be until a little bit later on.

So, if you’d like to win a free WordPress Multisite Administration e-book, just leave a comment here. The first 5 people to leave a comment will receive the free e-book. Make sure to leave your real name and actual email address. If I try to email you and it’s an invalid address, you’re disqualified and I’ll just move to the next person.

If you think you’ve got friends who may be interested, please, forward them here!

The cover of the book is below.

WordPress Multisite Administration

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  • Jon
    • That was fast Jon, lol.

      • Jon

        Just opened up twitter and saw it.

  • iankit

    Ankit Mittal
    [email protected]

  • Shock

    Lee Lo
    [email protected]

    Would love the ebook 🙂

    • Shock, your email didn’t come through right, looks like Disqus obfuscated it or something.

      • Shock

        Hey Tyler, thanks for the note — the email looks right to me. If the plus sign is causing an issue, just replace the plus sign with a minus sign and should work just the same. Cheers!

        • Lol, you’re right. I didn’t look closely enough at that address. I’ve sent your email address, along with everyone else’s to the publisher, so you should have your ebooks soon.

          • Shock

            Thanks 🙂 Have a great day!

  • Jorge García

    Jorge Garcia
    [email protected]

  • Lisa McMahon
    [email protected]

    • Lisa, you were the 5th. I’ll be sending your email address to my publisher, and they will send you information on downloading the e-book. Same goes for everyone else, too, so keep an eye on the email address you gave me. 🙂